10 things my Dad has taught me…

Since it’s Fathers day today I have decided to do a post on the top 10 things my Dad has taught me (aside from how to be full of mischief and have the worlds best tan!) Limiting it to just 10 is pretty tough but I’ve picked out some of my favourites to share with you.


1. How to ride a bike…. That day where the stabilisers came off and he ran along holding the back of my bike assuring me he would not let go. Then that moment I turned around and saw he was stood miles back waving (and I fell off!)

2. How to drive… From sitting on his knee on the long driveway to the tip to buying a car and sitting in the driving seat, he has taught me all that I know that is vehicle related. I’m still not convinced he enjoys being a passenger though…

3. Anything DIY related… I am certain there is nothing DIY related my Dad does not know and isn’t willing to show me. Granted he’s a real time taker, but he’s meticulous and a perfectionist. Sadly those traits didn’t rub off on me as I’m inpatient and want everything doing now!

4. Strength… My Dad is without doubt the strongest person I know. He is one of those people who never breaks down and can always put on a brave face regardless. Some of that strength I do believe I have inherited but equally I have a balance of some sensitivity from my Mum too!

5. Being headstrong… I was described only last week as being “the most headstrong person” my work colleagues knew and I recall laughing and saying – “you haven’t met my Dad!” My stubborn and wilful qualities without doubt have come from him. Often being headstrong can be a bad quality to have, but thankfully they also said I had an abilitity to challenge and say things exactly how they were whilst being calm and without insulting anyone (Again – thanks Dad!)

6. Planning ahead… (I can hear giggles around the room from friends and family here) my Dad is chief of planning ahead and DOES NOT rush anything. Everything is thought out in advance and carefully considered (that way “there are no nasty surprises….”) right through to perfect execution. Thankfully this is something I have picked up. I spend my life always thinking 2 steps ahead, which does help me be ambitious and push myself.

7. When to pick a fight… This sounds like a really odd thing to teach your children but is without doubt the most important life skill my Dad taught me. I don’t necessarily mean physically, but it is important to know when to stand your ground and get in with “the first punch” (and make it count) and when to shut up (and run!)

8. Being good with money… We often joke my Dad is tight with his money to which he always replies he is “just careful!” Sadly I am not quite as “careful” and do enjoy a good spend, but I would like to think now I’ve got a little older I have learned to be more careful and to budget a little better. Future planning has always been my downfall, but even I have a (very small) savings pot now.

9. Right and wrong… All parents generally want to be able to teach their kids right from wrong but I think generally both of mine have done a pretty good job (*cue all scrapes I have ever had being brought up here*). I’d like to think I have pretty strong morals and a good sense of justice (or at least I’d hope I have given my chosen career!)  which I can only thank my Mum and Dad for.

10. The importance of family… This might be a slight cheat because I believe the strong family unit principle came from my Grandad initially (who sadly is no longer with us) however my Dad – in fact no both my parents – have always raised my brother and I to look after one another and maintain a good strong family unit.

I am lucky enough to be able to finish this post by saying that I love my family very much and that they are the most important people in my life. If you have any life skills or Father’s Day memories you want to share please do…. Otherwise I hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day!



  1. 7th July 2015 / 7:03 pm

    This is such a beautiful post. As some who is very close with their Dad I always love it when I read something from someone who also has a really good relationship with their Dad.

    My Dad is hugely important to me, and he has taught me so much throughout my life. This post has inspired me! Thank you.

    • 7th July 2015 / 9:10 pm

      That’s so kind thank you 🙂 I’m really glad you liked the post and feel inspired by it. My family is hugely important to me and sometimes it’s important to take the time out to appreciate them. Jessica KG xx

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