The Angel Collection by Jenni’s Beauty Lashes

I have worn false eyelashes for 10 years + now so discovering a new range of luxury lightweight lashes is always pretty exciting, especially when that range has been developed, manufactured and hand packaged by one of my best friends. Fed up of working a mundane and stressful 9 – 5 Jenni Mitchell decided to step into the world of beauty, setting up “Jenni’s Beauty Lashes” and making it her mission to design and release her own range of 100% human hair eyelashes.

The Angel Collection is the first collection by Jenni’s Beauty Lashes and comes packaged in a beautiful box keepsake box hand finished with a diamante butterfly – the perfect addition on any girls dressing table! The collection consists of four luxury sets of human hair eyelashes each personally designed for and named after someone close to Jenni’s heart.

All of the lashes in the Angel Collection by Jenni’s Beauty Lashes are really lightweight and easy to apply. They don’t have that rigid strip that most other lashes have so they are much more comfortable to wear and don’t dig in at the corners of your eyes. Better still, they feel weightless and completely natural – something which has always been hugely important for me when it comes to false lash selection.

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

For added length it has to be Kayleigh


“A fine, ultra lightweight lash with a soft polished finish. Evenly balanced to give a lengthening effect to natural lashes. A beautifully delicate style of lash. Suitable for all eye shapes and occasions.”

These are my least favourite of the collection but are still absolutely beautiful. I find that they are just that little bit too long for me but do give that gorgeous big fluttery eye look. If lightweight and long is your thing or you are looking for a lash that will add length and drama,  the Kayleigh lash is definitely your “go to.”


Jenni's Beauty Lashes

For events and nights out it has to be Jennifer

“A wispy lash designed to give volume and length to your natural lashes. Extended at the outer edges to give a feline effect. A glamorous lash ideal for special occasions.”

This is my “go to” strip lash for nights out and I absolutely love it! It gives added drama to any smokin’ evening look without being that bit too much. Often I find party lashes to be too heavy and uncomfortable, however the Jennifer lash is super lightweight and doesn’t feel or look like I have the equivalent of a door stop on each eyelid! Definitely one to try next time you’re going out…

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

For a natural look go with Victoria


“A lash designed to define the natural beauty of your eyes, giving a structured finish. These lashes are lightweight making them perfect for daily wear.”

I love these lashes for days when I want  to make minimal effort and not really bother with too much eye make up. I can literally stick these lashes on and head out of the door without having to think about anything else.

The texture of the lash wouldn’t normally be one I’d go for, however it looks so natural on and I don’t really need any mascara with it. Totally perfect for more subdued make up days.

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

My signature go to… Jessica

….And last but by no means least, my personal favourite – Jessica

“A classic full layering style for a regular lash look. Symmetrically spaced lashes with an ultra lightweight feel. A perfect lash for any occasion.”

This is the perfect flutter-licious natural looking lash especially designed for and named after me – why would I use any other strip lash again?

There is literally nothing else I can say other than I absolutely love it so a huge personal thanks to Jenni for creating this lash with me in mind, it is literally my ideal lash.

Using & purchasing Jenni’s Beauty Lashes:

All of the lashes can be re-used if you look after and care for them well. My personal recommendation is that you use a non-waterproof mascara and use eye make up remover immediately after use to gently clean and maintain them as you would your own lashes. The better you care for them the longer they will last!

I have personally had use after use of mine and they look exactly the same as they did that first time I used them. So whilst they may be a little bit more expensive than your high street or drug store strip lash they are definitely worth the extra money.

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

The full Angel Collection by Jenni’s Beauty Lashes

You can purchase the full Angel Collection by Jenni’s Beauty Lashes for £28 here

Alternatively, each set of eyelashes is available separately at £6.50 each.

Please note that adhesive is not included (which is perfect for me since I am allergic to most!)

At the moment there is also free postage when ordering, so if you are a false lash fan, what are you waiting for?

Jessica KG ♡

PS. If you are looking for eyelash adhesive recommendations, check out my post here.


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  1. 7th July 2016 / 10:56 pm

    I wasn’t really into false lashes before, but now I am slowly getting into it! Jennifer would be perfect for night out for dramatic look.

    Ela BellaWorld

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