Anne Semonin Brightening Serum and Cream Coffret Skincare Gift Set

As a self confessed skincare addict I was delighted when Harrods approached me to review this beautiful Brightening Coffret gift set by Anne Semonin. The set retails at £114.75 and comes beautifully packaged within an Anne Semonin gift box. Individually the products retail at Harrods at £96.00 for the serum and £74.00 for the cream so buying the set represents real value for money.

Both products contain an advanced formula of vitamin C, sea flower and brown algae which is designed to correct dark spots (including those caused by the sun and ageing) and generally brighten the complexion.  The products also contain antioxidants which neutralise damage from air pollutants and sea minerals and moisturisers which give the skin a healthy glow.

Brightening Serum 30ml 

The serum is predominantly for night use after cleansing and toning, however it can also be applied in a morning underneath the brightening cream for a more intensive brightening skin treatment.

Both products come in pump dispensers which I love as there’s no danger of you putting bacteria into the product before future applications (like with tubs). You can also control the amount of product you are using really easily. I found that I needed 1 – 2 pumps of the serum per use as it was quite a loose consistency so went a long way. It is a light creamy texture which is white in colour, very easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy finish so is perfect under all types of make up. I used the serum every morning for the period of my 3 months trial and found that my skin not only  looked much more even in tone and appearance but also felt more radiant.

Brightening Cream 50ml

The cream is predominantly for morning use after cleansing and toning and before applying make up. It can be used independently of the serum or after the serum for those of you with particularly pigmented skin and/ or wanting a more intensive brightening effect. I personally only suffer from some light pigmentation across my cheeks and forehead during the summer months (when I have a tan) so I didn’t really need the intense result from using both the serum and cream together, however if you do suffer from quite marked pigmentation then I would definitely use both products together.

I initially used both products morning and night however as I have normal to oily skin I found that when I used the cream in a morning it was a bit too rich for my skin and so my skin would look really shiny by the afternoon. When I switched to simply using the cream on an evening I had a much better result.

The cream is of course however meant for morning use as it contains SPF 15 and so is great for applying as part of your morning routine to protect the skin from environmental factors and UV rays which result in premature ageing and dark spots. I personally use an SPF primer under my make up every day anyway regardless of  whether my moisturiser contains SPF because I use acid exfoliants in my skincare routine. If you are also using skincare products with acid exfoliants in (such as salicylic or glycolic acid) and are using this cream on an evening then I would strongly encourage you to also use a primer with an SPF in too.

The cream itself is as you would expect – thick, rich and a dream to apply. As with the serum, I only needed 1 – 2 pumps of the product, which is white in colour and has a really clean neutral fragrance.

Overall I was really impressed with the duo and my results.  I found that after trialling the set the products had really helped even out my skin tone and left me with a healthy dewy look.

I personally always try to review skincare products over a prolonged period of time to allow my skin to adjust and so I can give the best possible review. I trialled these products for a period of 3 months (March – June) and whilst I have now finished the serum, I do still have quite a lot of the cream left. I was really impressed with just how long the products did last and the improvement in my skin tone. Definitely a big thumbs up from me for luxury skincare brand Anne Semonin on all counts!

To buy either of these products or to check out the rest of the Anne Semonin range visit Harrods and kiss goodbye to your pigmentation worries….

Have you tried any of the Anne Semonin range yet?

Jessica KG ♡

Photography: Anne Semonin/ Harrods product images
This product was gifted to me


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