ARK Skincare Reverse Gravity Eye Cream 

One product I have never really used or trialled on my blog before is eye cream, mainly because I’d read that as long as you have a good quality moisturiser then a separate eye cream is not really necessary and a bit of a placebo product. Over recent months I have however found myself becoming increasingly concerned about covering dark circles under my eyes and dealing with general fatigue and puffiness in my eye area. I was therefore really keen to trial and review this Ark Skincare Reverse Gravity Eye Cream for Beauty Expert.

The Ark Skincare Reverse Gravity Eye Cream comes in a long thin 15ml tube with a pump dispenser and has a gel like consistency which is easily absorbed into the under eye area and leaves a smooth grease free finish prior to the application of make up. It is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles by tightening and hydrating the eye area.

Rather crucially it is free from parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, SD, alcohol, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl Esther sulphate, artificial fragrance and artificial colours. What it does contain is Persian silk tree extract which is proven to tighten and lift the eye area and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains aloe Vera and Allantoin to calm the skin.

I have to say that I totally underestimated the power of this product. I have been trialling it since the beginning of May (so 2.5 months now), applying it every morning after my normal moisturiser and  underneath my make up and oh my what a difference it makes! On the days where I have forgotten to apply eye cream I have looked in the mirror and thought “Gosh woman you look dreadful.”

On those days my eyes looked darker, puffier and fatigued which I found hard to conceal and cover up. However, on the days where I have used this cream, my under eye puffiness and dark circles have been reduced and my eyes generally look brighter.

I am up really early in a morning as I commute to work every day and have quite a busy lifestyle so puffiness and eye fatigue have been real frustrations for me. Thankfully you only need one pump of this cream and to use it quite sparingly so it does last a really long time.

I found that if I used any more than one pump of the product, when I applied make up under my eye area the excess cream would flake off and look patchy. Using one pump allows the cream to be absorbed quickly into the skin and for your make up to go on flawlessly over the top.

My only real criticism of the product is that I found the pump dispenser to be quite awkward to use. The design itself is beautiful, but for me it’s very much a case of “style over substance”. A basic pump dispenser or a pipette which isn’t quite so awkward to push would make using the product much more enjoyable for me. In a morning speed is essential, so the easier it is for me to do my skincare routine the better!

Either way the Ark Skincare Reverse Gravity Eye Cream has totally altered my view on eye creams, so it just goes to show that sometimes you have to just give things a go. Don’t spend time trying to cover up skin complaints, try doing something that will treat them first.

Are you an avid eye cream user? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear.

In the meantime, this Ark Skincare Reverse Gravity Eye Cream is available on the Beauty Expert website and retails at £48.00.


Jessica KG ♡

This product was gifted to me by Beauty Expert



    • jessicakgxx
      1st August 2016 / 5:32 pm

      It is really lovely Fran, I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I have been using it. X

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