Beau Bronz London… a naturally Bronzed Goddess!

Frustrated with the lack of natural looking false tanning products available for olive skin tones I had stopped using tanning products altogether, until I met Abi of Beau Bronz at the #bigbloggerconference a few weeks ago…

If you haven’t already read my post on the conference, you can do here, but for those of you who were in attendance or who have already read my post you will know that at the conference I had the chance to meet the innovators behind some fabulous brands, Abi of Beau Bronz being one of them.

Let me start by saying Abi caught my eye initially by contouring the face of a fellow blogger with false tan and an airbrush within three swift movements. Now that is some serious skills!

As someone who regularly cringes at girls with patchy hands and seriously orange faces I have personally never felt the inclination to have (nor understood why anyone would have) a spray tan, but after seeing Abi’s work I would 100% let that lady loose on my body. Sadly Abi provides treatments in London salons so I cannot personally experience her artwork just yet, but I would LOVE to book in with her when I next visit.

All of the Beau Bronz products are organic, sunless and have been tried and tested on various celebrities. The Beau Bronz website helpfully features videos and reviews of each of the products so you can see exactly which in the range would be best tailored to you. I was however lucky enough to have Abi personally recommend I try the Bronzed Goddess Dark Tanning Mousse which contains Aloe and 8% DHA.

I found the mousse to give a fantastic long lasting natural looking coverage. I applied it with the Beau Bronz mitt which left a seamless patch-free finish without an orange streak in sight. The colour developed in only a few hours and left my skin feeling healthy and moisturised. One of the biggest plus points for me was the fragrance – when applying it smells fabulous and does not leave you with that usual biscuit-y aroma!

I would estimate that my tan lasted 7 – 10 days before needing a further application. Bearing in mind that I have had zero tanning products on for approximately 4 months and only applied a very thin layer of the mousse I think that is a pretty fantastic result. Normally I would re-apply fake tan after 3 – 5 days.

The Beau Bronz mousse retails at £26.00 per 200ml which is fairly similar to other good quality self tanning mousses but lasts much longer. For that reason alone I feel it is much better value for money as I have had double the tan duration from this product.

As you can guess from my review, I loved using this product and would highly recommend it! I am however olive skinned so would love to hear how the other products have worked on fairer skin tones.

Anyone else tried the mousse or other Beau Bronz products?IMG_0748

Jessica KG


PS. If you haven’t tried Beau Bronz yet now is your chance as Abi has very kindly let me share a 50% discount code with you!

Simply enter: LOVELADYGAGA at the checkout on the Beau Bronz website… Happy Bronzing!



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