Bee Venom round two: The Heavyweight champion Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell

You may have seen my recent total plump or total flunk post which featured a couple of bee venom products which I sadly didn’t think were “all that.”  Regular Jessica KG readers will recall that I finished that particular post with a sneaky P.S. hinting at my recent meeting with the lovely Deborah Mitchell of Heaven Skincare (a.k.a. the original bee venom lady) and my review of the Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell range which was to follow…………….Well that review post is officially here!

So what is Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell ? It is a unique, all natural and organic skincare range developed by qualified teacher in beauty therapy Deborah Mitchell. Deborah is the founder of the original bee venom products – her Bee Venom Mask being one of the most prestigious and well known products on the market. The Bee Venom Mask contains Heaven’s patented youth formula – Abeetoxin™ specific rights over which belong to Deborah.

In terms of the Heaven range, there is literally a product or treatment for every skin type or concern, be it Psoriasis, Acne, sensitive or revitalising. I have been trialling one of the fabulous Weekender’s Kits which retail at £28.00 and each contain a cleanser, hydrogel toner, moisturiser and bee venom product.

The kits come in various forms which are individually tailored to suit different skin types,

IMG_1017however Deborah in taking one look at my skin knew that my main concern was maintaining a healthy glow and minimising fine lines so kindly prescribed me the anti ageing one to try!

Included in my kit was:
10ml Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydro-gel
10ml Bee Polish
10ml Hydro cleansing Milk
5ml Age Defiance Moisturiser

If you are not sure whether to try Heaven skincare and branch out from your usual skincare routine I would highly recommend one of the Weekender Kits. They are very reasonably priced and give you the opportunity to try a few different products within the range according to your specific skin concern.

I personally spend much more time on my skincare regime than I do applying my make up so finding the right products and having the right result is really important to me. Prior to trialling the Heaven range I would triple cleanse – 1st with a make up remover, 2nd with a daily cleansing wash and warm water and finally with a cream cleanser on a cotton pad before then applying toner, serum and moisturiser. You may think it excessive, but I think looking after your skin is essential. As my Mother always told me – “You only get one face and it is the only part of your body the world sees day in day out!”

I was really pleased to find that the Heaven skincare weekender kit was effectively a miniature version of my current skincare regime, only all in one brand and all in one kit!

The products themselves are light and luxurious and smell divine. The results were fantastic too! There is literally no comparison to the bee venom imposter products I have previously reviewed. If you want the skin of an angel, there really is only one brand and it’s founded by Deborah Mitchell.

Does anyone else have the skin only found in Heaven?

Jessica KG


P.S. Check out my interview with the leading lady herself….



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