Blogger Beauty Box: November

I had slightly delayed Novembers Blogger Beauty Box review as a) I wasn’t totally blown away by it and b) it contained the Blanx White Shock toothpaste which  I wanted to trial it over a period of weeks to let you know whether it actually worked. So apologies for the delay – all in the name of bringing you an accurate review!

So lets start with the Blanx White Shock Formula Toothpaste shall we? I was super excited to trial this toothpaste as I have read so many good things about it. It comes with a little LED light which you attach onto the end of the toothpaste. The whitening technology is then activated by the light when you squeeze the toothpaste out onto your brush and before brushing your teeth.

Admittedly my teeth were the worst shade that they could possibly be on the whiteness indicator included within the pack. I drink black coffee and red wine, both of which (I know) are the worst things for staining your teeth. On the plus side, this does make it much easier for me to assess whether a teeth whitening product is actually working, but on flip side it is a real pain to find anything that really does work effectively.

I always use an electric toothbrush for two minutes twice a day but unfortunately saw no real difference at all after using the Blanx product over the course of 3 weeks. When I checked the indicator my teeth were exactly the same colour which was slightly disappointing given the rave reviews I had read about this product.

From my personal experience I would say save your money. I have trialled better products (i.e the UltraDex whitening and re-calcifying toothpaste) which is less well known but much more effective. It may be that the Blanx product needs longer to work on my black coffee hammered teeth, but the UltraDex toothpaste gave very quick noticeable results so I would pick this every time. Sorry Blanx but you just didn’t deliver the white shock for me!


Next up was the Stvdio 5 London Natural Soap which was really pretty but as soap really isn’t my ‘thang, it just wasn’t for me. I personally find soaps to be messy, gunky and to leave a nasty scummy mark in your bathroom wherever you leave them. For me this takes any enjoyment at all out of using them so I just avoid at all costs!

Stvdio 5 – you do make incredibly pretty and lovely smelling products but sadly soap in this form just isn’t for me. If  pretty looking soaps are however your bag, then you must give Stvdio 5 a go. Their products come in a little old fashioned sweet shop bag with  a hand tied vintage looking tag – the perfect addition to their cutesie looking range of products!

Also included in this Novembers box was a sample sized pot of the Nadeballa Night Replenishing Cream, which has a lovely citrus fragrance and comes in a  rich cream form. It is designed to hydrate and nourish the skin overnight whilst it regenerates but as the pot was so teeny I only really had enough for one application and wouldn’t like to comment on the effectiveness of the product. For me you simply cannot comment after one application and it would be unfair to you as my readers for me to do so. Has anyone else used this over a prolonged period and got a review? Please feel free to share below if you have.

Next up is the Bionsen Caring Touch Deodorant. Well what can I say about this? It is a rollerball deodorant. It smelled clean. It kept me dry. That’s about as exciting as deodorant gets isn’t it?

And finally…. Burts Bees Lipgloss in Shade 239. A glossy dusky pink shade with iridescent gold flecks through it which is perfect for everyday to give you lips that healthy finish and shine but with a touch of colour. This gloss is enriched with nourishing oils to condition your lips and leave them super soft and smells gorgeous.  I personally tend to prefer lipsticks to lip gloss as I don’t like the sticky texture of glosses, but this one by Burts Bees had quite a buttery finish so I would probably use it quite a lot – especially in the winter! The gloss does come in 12 different shades so if this one isn’t quite for you there is a wide range for you to select from.


As you can tell I wasn’t totally blown away by this months box and found it really hard to get excited about any of the products if I am completely honest, but that’s the thing with monthly subscriptions.  Sometimes you love it all. Sometimes you hate it all. Other times it’s a real mix….

So what did you think to the products in this months box?

Did you love them? Hate them? I’d love to hear if you had great results with Blanx or have a better alternative.

Jessica KG ♡

PS. Here are some links to previous Blogger Beauty Boxes in case you’re thinking of signing up. It’s £10 per month inc p&p and full details can be found the blogger beauty box website.



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