#BloggersBelowZero event at the Ice Bar London

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen a series of snaps from the #BloggersBelowZero event I attended at the Ice Bar London on Monday night courtesy of Lauren of @LDNMeetup and Ice Bar Head of Sales and Marketing  Tom Hunter. Being a ‘gal who loves any excuse to jump on a train down to London I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a couple of well needed days off work, dust off my party shoes (or boots) and have a few cheeky cocktails with some of my favourite people.

Before I go any further, let me firstly apologise for the quality (or lack of) of the photographs in this post. I had my first blogger event nightmare in which my camera decided to say a huge “no” so it was an iphone will have to cut it job. Either way I had a truly fabulous time, which I hope comes through in the copious amount of hazy selfies and snapshots…

img_0543The Ice Bar itself is situated on Heddon Street in the heart
of central London within a few minutes walk of  Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations. Upon arrival we were greeted by staff at the bar who provided us each with our allocated time slot wristbands together with a piece of paper detailing our networking ice breaking task (pardon the pun!). We were then ushered down to our own private function room which was filled with fellow UK bloggers, canapés and cocktails.

My task was to “find someone who is vegan” which admittedly probably took me a good hour or so, but nevertheless it got me chatting to lots of different bloggers before finally discovering my space dress wearing vegan! For those of you who were tasked with finding a Solicitor and who didn’t get chance to blow my cover during the networking, I’ll put you out of your misery – that was me.

img_0539After a lot of networking and general blogger chat, Tom gave a brief but engaging speech to show his support of and recognition for all of the hard work each and every blogger puts in. As a former writer himself Tom understands the sheer amount of hours, headache and heartache that goes into producing a blog no matter the following or Instagram theme, so it was really refreshing to hear him thank all of those in attendance before introducing Molly Flatt Digital Editor of Phoenix Magazine.

 After a round of applause for both Tom and Molly we were then split into groups (according to our wrist band colours) before attending our allocated 40 minutes time slot/s in the ice bar. I was in Team Red which was the second time slot and man did I make the most of that 40 minutes.

The current ice bar theme is “rock” so it seemed very fitting to be in there in a thermal cape and knee boots – so very festival chic. If only I could have nabbed one of the ice bar capes to take to Glastonbury all of my future shivering rock out problems would be solved! As you can see from my photographs there was a rock band sculpture sporting lead guitar and drums, a throne fit for a rock god and an array of stars and skulls. Our complimentary cocktails were also rock themed and of course served in glasses made out of ice. I personally went for Livin’ on a Prayer which contained Absolut citron vodka, pink grapefruit liquor, cranberry juice, lemon juice and orange bitter.

img_0588-1You’d think 40 minutes would be too long to stay in a room which is permanently at a temperature of -5 degrees and in which every item is made out of ice, but it wasn’t. It absolutely flew by and as we were provided with thermal capes and gloves before we went into the bar there was zero danger of frost bite.

 Once every group had attended their time slot it was time for us to sadly head off to Dirty Martini at Hanover Square for a few more cheeky cocktails, but not before being handed one of the ice bar’s fantastic London rocks canvas goodie bags containing a copy of Phoenix magazine, a book on the making of the ice hotel, some London rocks Ice bar gloves and some cards as mementoes from our experience. Being a huge lover of the canvas bag now that carriers are 5p everywhere, I intend to rock my shopping every week courtesy of the ice bar!

img_0582-1If you haven’t been to the ice bar yet, make sure you check out their website as it is definitely an experience to add to your bucket list. It has always been on mine and I absolutely loved the experience, so massive thanks to both Lauren and Tom for organising what was a hugely successful and enjoyable event.

If you’ve been to the ice bar please feel free to share any links to blog posts or reviews you have below. As the theme changes regularly it would be great to see and share some other below zero experiences!

That goes for anyone else who attended the #BloggersBelowZero event too, I’d love to see some photographs from the other time slots!

On a final note, what theme do you guys think the ice bar should do next?

Jessica KG ♡

P.S. Here’s some snaps and selfies from my  below zero experience!

             img_0549 img_0597 img_0602 img_0558

          img_0590  img_0603 img_0570 img_0573



    • 30th January 2016 / 8:04 am

      It was fantastic Gemma, would definitely recommend going if you get the chance! Jessica KG xx

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