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Is it just me or was anyone else incredibly irritated by Rachel? She is everything I despise; lazy, lying, busybodies with nothing better to do than involve themselves in the business of others. She is also THAT frustrating ex with no self respect or self preservation to just simply get over it. I found myself for the most part thinking “Oh for gods sake!” and wanting to punch her/ kick her out myself.

Rachel aside, this book has been likened to “Gone Girl” by various reviewers so I thought it was worth a read. I can see why it has been likened to Gone Girl, but in my view it’s nowhere near as good. It is written from the different characters viewpoints and has that same “what happened to her?” theme running through but I don’t think it has the same twists, mystery and excitement.

Sure this probably has a slightly more realistic ending but it is still a bit far fetched. For that reason I can imagine it would make a pretty good film and can just picture Jennifer Lawrence playing Megan and Anne Hathaway as Anna. I can’t think of a big enough loser for Rachel yet so I’ll ponder that one…

I appreciate that a lot of what I have said above is quite negative, but I did genuinely enjoy reading this book. It is another one I got through on holiday in a day and had guessed the ending quite a bit before hand but I still really liked it and couldn’t put it down.

The general gist of the book is that a girl goes missing and the “girl on the train” (i.e. Rachel) takes it upon herself to try solve the mystery and aid the criminal investigation. I guess one thing it does remind you is just how much strangers can know about you and your movements, regardless of whether you know them or anything about theirs (which is something I’ve had not such a pleasant experience of myself – but that’s for another blog post on another day!) Either way it does highlight the importance of being honest and staying safe.

It is currently in the book charts so readily available in most book stores and is worth a read if you like crime or mystery fiction….IMG_5920

Any one else have any thoughts?

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