Going full size… And full frontal?

Ive only just stopped raving about the products featured in last months Glossybox (well almost!) when August’s slightly heavier than normal box landed on my doorstep.

It features four full sized products in celebration of each of the four years Glossybox has been established plus the additional elephant in the room…  So lets start with that big old elephant shall we?

Sass’ purifying cleanser
Now we’d all be horrified by ANY female who said she didn’t look after her downstairs so why is buying a product to keep it squeaky clean such a taboo subject? I don’t know either but it is.

If you’re anything like me and a little freaked about buying – and more importantly people knowing you’re buying – *ahem* a “lady product” then this product comes very discretely packaged. In fact the packaging is so discrete that one of my best friends almost used it as a facial cleanser… Not that I suppose it would have done her any harm! The wash is a really thin gentle gel, a consistency that is much like a cross between a facial serum and cleansing wash. I personally didn’t notice any difference to using a normal gentle shower gel but I guess if you’re prone to irritation then this could be great for you. The idea is it balances your PH levels to leave you feeling clean and fresh all day.

Ok controvery over… Let’s get back to the traditional #bblogger subject of absolutely anything to do with ones face (and absolutely nothing to do with ones inner pants).

Naobay Calming Face Toner
The packaging of this product I absolute love. Minimalist, elegant and simple, yet still distinctive. The product itself is made from natural and organic ingredients which leave your skin feeling really clean, however I tend to like products which smell amazing so the only down side for me was that this didn’t really have any scent. It was effectively like cleansing your face with cool water, which is exactly the sensation I want from a toner only with the added luxury smell!

In terms of results I don’t generally think toners do an awful lot.If you’re anything like me and triple cleanse then there are zero traces of make up before you get anywhere near a toner, however I do really enjoy the calming feeling of using a toner before applying my moisturiser so this was great for that. Otherwise if you are looking for a miracle skincare product with amazing results then this probably isn’t the product for you.IMG_2071

MeMeMe Lipglide in “Playful Peach”
I’ve recently heard a lot about MeMeMe products so was pretty keen to try this lippie, especially as I am a huge fan of coral and peach shades which really compliment my skin tone. I was however pretty disappointed when I discovered it was in the form of a chunky pencil which if I am honest I absolutely hate. I know chunky lip pencils are all the rage right now but they really are not my bag. I personally like a lipstick to look elegant and chic when I pull it out of my handbag, not like a child’s wax crayon. For that reason alone I sadly wouldn’t buy this product again.

The colour however was really lovely. Bright and fun, which is ideal for summer. It has a matte coverage which does make your lips feel dry but is really long lasting. I only had to re-apply twice during my 8 hour working day and one of those occasions was after I had eaten my lunch. If lip crayons are your bag, then I’d recommend this product.

Manna Kadar Lash Primer
Looking after my lashes and trialling lots of new products has been a huge thing for me over the past few weeks. I have taken one almighty step away from my false lash comfort zone and decided to give my own lashes a fighting chance and some well overdue TLC. I was therefore pretty open minded when this little Manna Kadar product came in this months beauty box, however I do have to be honest and say that historically I have never been a fan of or frequently bought lash primers as I find they leave my lashes looking thick and spidery and generally just too clumpy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I only needed one coat of this primer and that it left my lashes looking more dense, but without that spidery clump or bulky look.They still looked natural and held really well. I am going to continue using this underneath my normal mascara and see how I feel over the next few weeks until it runs out, but overall I have been pretty impressed.

Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush In Shade 108
Sadly this product just is not for me. Despite it being a fairly expensive product it did not feel luxury at all. The packaging I felt looked cheap and the application was just plain messy. Despite it being a pressed compact powder I found that when I ran my brush over the powder became far too loose and so firstly too much came off on the brush and secondly it went all over. I would really love to find some sort of positive and say the shade/ colour was nice, however it was far too dark for my skintone and resulted in a really cheap make up look. Hopefully my fellow Glossies had more luck with it…IMG_2054-2

So that’s August in a nutshell.

If you are interested in signing up for a Glossybox subscription feel free to comment below and I will send you a link. For £10 per month I love getting my little box of goodies to try!

Anyone else tried the products in August’s Glossybox?

Jessica KG x



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