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I am excited to announce Jessica KG’s collaboration with intimate health and beauty innovators SASS to bring you this fantastic giveway!

Those of you who have read my recent post on August’s Glossybox will have seen SASS’ Intimate Purifying Cleanser featured, a product which caused me to question the taboo subject of intimate skincare and why I personally have never used such a product before.

As a normal 28 year old woman who religiously triple cleanses, tones and moisturises twice a day and applies a purifying face mask 2 – 3 times per week it begs the question – “why do I not have a similar intimate care routine?”

I’ll tell you why – because if I were to buy such a product in public it would be assumed that I had something not so great going on down there and that I should therefore be avoided like the plague.

At this point I should pause and lay my cards on the table: I do not have a problem with my downstairs. What I do have a problem with is the fact that if I were to buy a strawberry shower gel you would not bat an eyelid, yet if I choose to buy a vaginal wash I am quite obviously diseased.

It is for that reason alone that I have teamed with the lovely ladies at SASS to support their mission to lift the stigma of intimate skincare and to bring you this fantastic giveaway!

So lets briefly look at the statistics shall we?

  • 60% of UK women suffer with intimate health issues each year
  • Many of them opt for washing with unsuitable shower gels, due to wanting to wash with something more than just water
  • Lots of everyday things can cause female microbial imbalance and discomfort such as wearing tight clothing/ tights, exercise and sexual activity
  • 80% of women exercise regularly but as many as a third stay in their sweaty gym clothes for an hour after exercise
  • 87% of women remove public hair because it makes them feel cleaner and better about themselves, but one third suffer from ingrowing hairs and irritation caused by shaving
  • 50% of women wax, yet don’t have a suitable aftercare product for their intimate area
  • 75% of women hate current category products

And most importantly… many do nothing. They suffer in silence, affecting both their comfort and confidence.

To stop this daily suffering SASS have developed a discreetly and elegantly packaged range of products that are dermatologically tested and gynaecologist approved to maintain your PH balance and overall harmony.

SASS range

I have personally received samples of some of the products in the SASS range which include:

Intimate Purifying Cleanser: £7
This every day cleanser maintains intimate harmony through its probiotic action, promoting good bacteria and inhibiting other microbes that lead to thrush and BV, ensuring women can feel their best every day.

Intimate Freshness Gel: £10
This Freshness Gel is an everyday intimate moisturiser that provides long lasting scent protection while also maintaining intimate harmony, helping to keep intimate skin fresh and cleansed.

Intimate Soothe and Smooth Shave Gel: £10
How many of you knew that regular shaving gels aren’t suitable for intimate use and can cause bacterial imbalances? Me neither. This shaving gel is the only formula suitable for intimate and internal use. A clear gel so that you can see exactly where you’re shaving, pH balanced to inhibit bad bacteria, and a unique formula to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate: £12
Recommended for use after waxing or shaving, this is the only serum on the market suitable for intimate and internal use that has a unique formulation to protect against skin imbalances, moisturise and soothe the intimate area and prevent ingrown hairs and hair re-growth.

Intimate pH Balanced Serum: £12
Lots of everyday things can cause microbial imbalances and discomfort, such as exercise, tight jeans and sexual activity. This serum soothes, calms, and rebalances irritated skin pH.

Intimate Protection Barrier Cream: £16
Many chamois creams exist for men but none suit the biology of women and can cause imbalances, leading to thrush, BV and other intimate health issues. This Barrier Cream reduces skin friction and provides ultra-hydration to protect intimate skin during exercise.

Intimate Recovery Serum: £14
The first exercise recovery serum designed especially for women. This unique serum will soothe, cool and moisturise irritated post-workout skin whilst also providing antimicrobial protection against skin imbalances.

But fear not – you don’t take that huge plunge and buy any of the above intimate care products in public just yet!

SASS have very kindly offered Jessica KG readers the chance to each win a set of 3 samples from their range. All you need to do is click the link below to follow @jessicakgxx & @wearesass on Twitter to enter.

The giveaway is open to UK residents and closes on 20th September 2015. Winners will be randomly selected by the rafflecopter on the closing date.

♡ Click here to enter the giveaway ♡

Good luck!

And remember…. True sass is all about who you want to be, it’s not about judging anyone.


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