Hollywood wax at Sessions Spa Treatment Review

Ok, so this post may be a little too much information however I know that there are those of you out there who have heard of a Hollywood wax, considered having one but have always wondered:

a) whether it’s THAT bad

b) whether you can deal with someone poking around *ahem* down there; and

c) where to get one.

I too had these questions before my first wax and if I’m completely honest was a little bit embarrassed about booking in for one, although I am not entirely sure why. Whilst it isn’t something that I have talked about on my blog before, hair removal is perfectly normal and part of most people’s regular beauty regime whether you are male or female. Waxing is a beauty treatment carried out every single day and certainly isn’t something that you should feel at all embarrassed about!

Before I start with the procedure details and my review of the treatment at Sessions Spa I’ll just clarify for anyone out there who is not quite sure what a Hollywood wax is; a Hollywood wax is a form of bikini wax/intimate waxing where ALL of the hair is removed and absolutely nothing is left (if done well anyway!). Definitions over, lets consider those all important questions shall we?

a) Whether a Hollywood Wax is THAT bad…

Believe you me, it tangs like hell the first time you have it done. There is no other way to say it, it does hurt. Whoever tells you it doesn’t is an outright liar and you should never trust them again. But I’ll be honest with you… the beginning isn’t that bad, but it does lull you into a false sense of security. You do lay there thinking that they are nearly finished, but in reality they’ve only just got started. You will have the whole of one side done before wondering if you can bear the other. You will contemplate telling your beautician to stop and just leave it at that, but you know that you just need to persevere.

After the treatment you do feel like you are on fire for a good few hours, but I had  bit of a girls night after my first one and a few cheeky vinos made me forget all about it! I found the area to be really red and sensitive, so I opted for a lack of underwear and loose clothing (cotton joggers) for a couple of hours. I did wonder what on earth made me book that appointment and why I thought it was a good idea, but afterwards I realised that it really wasn’t that bad. Plus the results were amazing – no need to shave for weeks and regrowth was very thin and sparse! Definitely worth the temporary pain.

b) Can you deal with someone poking around *down there*

Newsflash: we are all female, we all have the same anatomy.

Your beautician will undoubtedly have seen worse than yours, and the sooner you accept those two things the easier it will be. Any thoughts you have of examination or judgement are all just in your head. That lady has a job to do and she wants it over with just as quickly as you do. It is perfectly normal for her, so the only awkwardness is how you feel before you go into that room. And if you think about it, you actually get judged more at the dentist. At least when you have a wax they don’t read out numbers for what’s present and what’s not or to score your general hygiene…

c) Where to get a Hollywood wax

This I cannot help too much with for anyone outside of the Hull and East Riding area I’m afraid. Australian women have regular Hollywood waxes (being in swimwear all of the time) and so it is as normal as booking a mani/pedi, however in the U.K. it doesn’t seem to be quite as easy or as accessible, in my experience anyway. I found only a handful of salons in my local area who carried out this treatment, Sessions Spa in Beverley being one of them.

My only advice to you would therefore be to seek a reputable and long standing provider with experienced members of staff. Don’t opt for someone inexperienced or a salon that you don’t know much about. It is a delicate area so you want to know that it is being treated with care and by an experienced professional.

Lightheartedness aside, this post is meant to be informative for anyone considering one so here’s a little bit about the procedure in my experience at Sessions spa.

The Hollywood Wax procedure

Hollywood wax at Sessions SpaWhen I arrived at the salon they were very discreet about what I was booked in for. My therapist Bianca collected me from the juice bar before taking me through to my treatment room. She asked me to remove my yoga pants and leave my underwear on before making myself comfortable on the treatment bed and laying on my back. I had one leg straight and the other pulled up bent at the knee before resting it to one side so that my legs resembled a P or backward P shape (if that’s even a thing) whilst the treatment was carried out.

Bianca then applied hot wax in a downwards direction starting from the top of the area and working downwards. She started just inside the line where your inner thigh starts/ ends and worked her way inwards, removing the wax swiftly with a fabric strip. My underwear was used as a guide for where the wax needed to be applied, however please note that not all therapists will keep your underwear on when carrying out this treatment. Also, not all therapists will use wax that requires a strip, some may use hot wax which sets and can be removed without a strip. It’s very much down to individual salon product preference, so you may want to check this first.

After both sides of my intimate area had been waxed in the method described above (right side first, then left), I was then asked to get onto my hands and knees (on all fours) so that the therapist could get the underneath/ behind. I unbelievably found this to be the least painful part of the whole procedure and in honesty didn’t feel a thing.

After waxing Bianca then applied a soothing cream to take the sting down and cool the skin. I then got dressed, paid and left!

Cost and aftercareHollywood wax at Sessions Spa

My treatment was £30 however this treatment usually ranges from £25-£50. It is advised that you have approximately four weeks hair growth between waxes (I only had two so I was a bit quick off the mark!) so please do bear this in mind before you book an appointment.

In terms of aftercare you need to avoid heat, tanning and perfumed products in the area for 48 hours.

My advice

I’d recommend wearing loose clothing and comfortable underwear if you do decided to have a Hollywood wax as you will be quite sore afterwards. This generally only lasts for a few hours before wearing off, but it’s always better to be comfortable and not irritate the area further.

Redness, slight swelling and some bleeding (spots where the hairs have been removed) are all perfectly normal after waxing so don’t be alarmed if you have this immediately afterwards. Obviously if it doesn’t wear off or you have a reaction more severe than this then please do seek medical advice.

And this probably isn’t professionally advisable… but I did have ibuprofen and paracetamol before I attended my appointment to ease the pain a little. Most of my girlfriends say that they too take ibuprofen an hour before their appointments so you may too want to consider this if you are trying a Hollywood wax for the first time.

*Disclaimer* I am not a medical professional so please do seek the advice of a treating professional if you are taking any regular medications before having a Hollywood wax and thinking of taking painkillers beforehand.

I do hope this post answers any secret concerns you may have regarding a Hollywood wax, but please do let me know if there’s anything else you are unsure of.

Jessica KG

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