Kate Moss Nude Collection (Obsession).

I have to say that I do not accept my Auntie’s view that Kate Moss is THE most beautiful woman in the world, I do however accept that she has been around a pretty long time and is one of the most recognised faces in fashion. For that reason I have to accept that if she is going to put her face to something, people are likely to rave about it.

Over the last few weeks I have seen the Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection advertised in Grazia (my weekly go-to) and featured by a number of other bloggers so I wondered whether they may actually be worth a go… I have to confess I am a bit of a make up snob and tend to only wear Mac, Bobbi Brown or Chanel lip products so buying a Rimmel one was kind of a big deal for me.

After meeting one of my girlfriends for dinner on Wednesday we found ourselves testing out the nudes collection at our local beauty store and I have to say that I struggled picking just one shade to try. I tend to wear a lot of nude, apricot or coral colours shades so this range is actually right up my street.

I opted for lipstick shade no. 42, and being a girl who loves to be matching I also picked up shade no. 147 “Gentle Kiss” nail polish in the Salon Pro by Kate Nude Collection. 

So lets start with the lipstick….IMG_2049

The colour I adore. The finish is simple, matte and long lasting.  The packaging is pretty cute and the price tag is very cute in comparison to my normal lip products. The only down side for me was that it is quite dry, however I note that they do sell a clear balm in the collection which is designed to go under your lipstick so I will have to say my position is reserved until I have given this a try.

Onto the nail varnish…

Possibly one of, if not the longest lasting polish I have ever worn. I applied it on Wednesday, we are now on Sunday and I have minimal chips (one). Usually my nail polish lasts 1 – 2 days before chipping generally, and again I normally opt for more expensive brands such as OPI, China Glaze, Nails Inc or Ciate but this lasted longer than they usually do. I have to say I am genuinely very impressed, particularly given this is half if not a third of the price! The only downside for me was the size of the brush as it was just that little bit too big for my liking.

As I say Rimmel is not really a brand I would ever go for however I was that impressed with my original purchases that I went and picked up another lipstick and nail varnish in the range to give a go. I opted for the darker end of the scale, choosing shade no. 48 in the lipstick and shade no. 397 “Beige Babe” in the nail polish and again absolutely love both. By the end of the month I sense I will have the whole range…

Kate I salute you!

Jessica KG x

PS. All of the products featured have direct links so you can find and try them, just click and enjoy!


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