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You may have seen that I recently attended the #KiehlsYorkXmas blogger event which was filled with good food, cocktails, products and of course company! I finally got to meet some of the bloggers in my local area including the lovely Kat of The Kats Paws  who did a fantastic job of organising and communicating with everyone prior to the event.


The event was held at the Kiehls store on Stonegate in York, a gorgeous building found amongst the historic cobbled streets of York more commonly known as “the Shambles.” The event itself couldn’t however  have been any further from a shambles – being perfectly planned and executed from start to finish.

I arrived at 5pm where I was greeted by Kat, Store Manager Laura and the rest of the Kiehl’s staff. We were given a a brief history of Kiehl’s as a brand including how it was first founded and developed which I found really interesing being a Kiehl’s virgin. We were then split into two groups, with my group being the first to head off upstairs to sample some tapas and cocktails!


We had some wonderful tapas courtesy of York Restaurant Sotano including polenta,  avocado and cucumber gazpacho, steak Carpaccio and bruschetta with avocado and edamme bean guacamole. My personal favourite was the guacamole which was absolutely divine! Sadly I was driving so couldn’t get too carried away bottoming the cocktails,  however I did very much enjoy the entertainment and having the opportunity to chat and have a giggle with the other bloggers.

After an hour of tapas and cocktails we then headed back downstairs for our complimentary hand and arm massages and a personal skin consultation. If you haven’t had a skin consultation with Kiehl’s before then I cannot stress enough how great they are. They do a two stage test which identifies how hydrated your skin is below the surface and also a surface test for your oil levels.

My consultation was carried out by Store Manager Laura who identified that (sadly) my skin was only 27.5% hydrated – anything over 50% is good – and that my skin type is normal to oily. Being a beauty blogger who thought she knew her skin type and had got her skincare routine absolutely nailed, you can imagine my shock when Laura delivered my results.


Thankfully Laura was on hand to re-assure me that the actual steps in my routine were very advanced and working really well, but that it was simply the products that I was using that may need adjusting for better results. There was absolutely no pressure to accept the advice given however having radiant, healthy skin is really important to me so I was happy to embrace Laura’s suggestions which were:

  • Calendula Deep Foaming Cleanser
  • Calendula Toner
  • Hydro-Plumping Re-texturising Serum
  • Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate
  • Oil Free Gel Cream
  • Midnight Recovery Concentrate

As it was Christmas I couldn’t justify replacing my whole skincare routine (although tempted) so only took the products Laura felt would make the biggest and most immediate difference, which were:

  • Hydro-Plumping Re-texturising Serum
  • Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate
  • the Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Fortunately there was an exclusive discount for 20% off any blogger purchases on the evening so I saved £25.00 (lets look at what I saved as opposed to what I spent!) Laura also kindly gave me a little sample of the Calendula Deep Foaming Cleanser to try.

The skin consultation and pampering hour flew by and it was soon time to be having our pre-departure group selfie before saying our goodbyes. A blogger event would not however be complete without a goodie bag, which Laura personally handed to each attendee as they left the store. Here’s a sneaky peak at the goodie bags, full product reviews will of course follow shortly…..


All that remains is for me to say a huge thank you to Kat for organising and the Kiehls time for making it such a fabulous event and a massive personal thanks from me to Store Manager Laura. I have already noticed a huge difference in the appearance and feel of my skin and will certainly be popping back soon to measure any improvement in hydration and oil!

In the meantime if you would like to check out the products I purchased I have popped the links to them below:

Midnight Recovery Concentrate – £36.00 for 30ml

Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate – £49.00 for 50ml

Hydro-plumping Re-texturising Serum – £40.00 for  50ml

Are you a Kiehl’s addict already? Feel free to comment below with y0ur favourite products. I’d love to check out more of the Kiehl’s range!

Jessica KG ♡




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