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I have always been a huge fan of French style so was really excited to be invited to the first La Redoute bloggers Christmas party, especially when I found out this was a Northern event held at Lambert’s Yard in Leeds!

We arrived at the event a little earlier than the other bloggers which gave us the opportunity to take some cheeky snaps before anyone else arrived. As you can see we were on the top floor of Lambert’s Yard, a beautifully modern and edgy location which was perfect for a fashion event. We were checked off the guest list and encouraged to make the most of the free bar and sweets on offer, and being a girl who is partial to a glass of bubbly and a handful of Haribo I wasn’t going to say no.

Rails were filled with the current La Redoute collection, which is perfect for something classic and elegant yet fit for a party. I personally loved most of the collection and found it to be completely in keeping with my style, especially since a lot of pieces which were black and softly tailored.

The host of the evening was PR Manager Laura who looked simply stunning in a dress by (of course) La Redoute. As a blogger herself Laura talked to us about her intention to hold more fashion events in the North and to try and build better relationships with bloggers. Whilst I didn’t have the opportunity to chat to any of the other La Redoute staff, they were each on hand to provide guests with anything they needed and to showcase other outfits in the collection.

I think anyone who attended the event would agree that it was a huge success. We had such fun bobbing in and out of the make shift changing rooms (aka mens toilets) trying on the collection and modelling our outfits. One of the things I love about being a woman is that there is so much love and positivity exchanged in toilets or changing rooms so throwing a whole group of us together to try new things was only going to help us bond.

There were so many lovely blogger in attendance so it was great to network and chat but also to compliment each other on looking great in things we may not normally have picked up. One of the great things about the La Redoute event was that the clothes were physically there for you to try and most importantly see on normal people.

I attended the event with a couple of my blogger friends including Beky Lou who despite being a non jumpsuit wearer ended up picking a gorgeous low back jumpsuit after seeing it on me! The point I am making here is not that I think I looked particularly amazing, but that the event was such that it enabled people to try on things they may not normally have picked before. It was great to see all shapes and sizes fitting into the different styles by La Redoute and thinking, “you know what – maybe I could wear that.”


It was definitely one of the best events I have attended, not only because it promoted building blogger and brand relationships but also because there was such a positive atmosphere. I was also genuinely amazed by the generosity and hospitality of the La Redoute team. Not only were we offered food and an unlimited bar on the evening, we were each allowed to pick an item of clothing from the La Redoute collection to take home and sent away with a goodie bag containing a knitted winter headband, scarf, bangle, catalogue, Caudalie goodies and some Lindtt chocolates! Now if that’s not a fab event I don’t know what is….


Did you attend the event? I’d love to see your outfit posts!

Jessica KG ♡


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  1. Ginger Mum
    14th January 2016 / 6:50 am

    What a cracking event! Very jel! Your photos are scrummy!

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