Laser Hair Removal with Centros Unico

In December I asked you guys to vote on what you wanted to read about most in January and it was a close call between my wedding planning so far and my laser hair removal journey with Centros Unico. I’ve decided to write both posts, but first up is my laser hair removal journey with Centros Unico in Leeds. Hopefully you will find everything you need to know about the treatment and my experience in this post, but if there are any queries left unanswered please drop me a comment below or feel free to message me.

First meeting

Being dark haired I’ve naturally always been quite curious about laser hair removal. Those frustrating dark shadows under your arms, the open hair follicles on your legs and not to mention the endless razors, waxing pain, time and money it takes to keep on top of being fuzz free, so when Centos Unico got in touch with me regarding a possible collaboration I was keen to chat with them further about the treatment and what it would entail.

Pre laser hair removal treatment kit from Centros Unico which includes SPF 30 moisturising cream and goggles to be worn during the treatment

As I am guessing many of you have – I’d heard horror stories of serious burns and scarring and so was quite cautious before agreeing to go ahead. I wanted to meet with one of the therapists at Centros Unico to chat through the laser hair removal process before I agreed to taking the collaboration any further. I arranged to meet with Egle, the manager of the Leeds clinic so that I could understand a little bit more about the treatment, how it worked and what the likely end result would be.

When I met with Egle she immediately put me at ease. She explained how the treatment worked, the benefits, the cost and most importantly; she thoroughly went through my health background, expectations and concerns.

Confident that I was in safe hands and that my treatment would be carried out with the highest possible care, I agreed to go ahead with laser hair removal on my underarms.

Pre laser care & patch test

At my first meeting with Egle I underwent a patch test and was provided with a pre laser hair removal kit which included a pair of goggles to wear throughout the course of my treatment and some SPF 30 post laser moisturiser to use 7 days prior to and 7 days after each of my laser hair removal sessions.

Whilst I met with Egle as part of my collaboration discussions, Centros Unico do meet with every client prior to commencing any treatment to discuss the process, answer any questions and to carry out a patch test. Full records are kept in respect of your health, treating therapist and dates on which your patch test and laser hair removal treatment sessions are carried out.

The patch test involves the laser being tested on a very small area to determine whether you suffer any reaction. Provided that you have not had any irritation or reaction you are then fine to proceed with the course of treatment after 72 hours.

How laser hair removal works

Centros Unico use Diode lasers which are much more powerful and effective than IPL lasers. They remove hair effectively by killing the blood supply at the root and as the hair cell is destroyed it prevents it from growing back.

It is suitable for use on all skin types and as it has a long pulse width is able to treat dark hair more effectively.

After each treatment session the dead hair is then expelled and does not grow back. You may therefore find that for a week or so after each session some of your hairs some through but then simply fall out.

Researching laser hair removal treatment with Centros Unico

How many sessions did I need?

How many sessions you will require very much depends upon your individual hair colour and density. I was advised at my initial consultation that it may take up to 8 sessions of laser hair removal to completely treat all of my underarm area, however I noticed a huge slowing in the hair re-growth from the very first session.

At the time of writing this post I have undergone two sessions of treatment, my last one being at the beginning of December 2017 and I am yet to have any hair growth under my arms. I am due to undergo my third session in early February.


If you are thinking of having laser hair removal you need to understand from the off that it is not simply the case that you have one treatment session and you are done. Nor is it the case that you can have a session a week and be done within a month or two. Your course of treatment needs to be done over a period of time which coincides with the various cycles of hair growth. I have summarised a timeline as best I can for you below.

Patch test

72 hours – first session

8 weeks later – second session

Any additional sessions every 8 weeks thereafter.

If you require the full 8 sessions, the total time taken will be approximately 64 weeks.

Pre-care and aftercare

Seven days prior to each laser hair removal session you need to start applying the SPF 30 cream.  One application per day is sufficient but you need to make sure that you are doing this, to ensure that your skin is kept hydrated and the treatment can be performed effectively.

On the morning of your treatment session you then need to shave the area you are having treated. If you forget or you haven’t shaved close enough then your therapist may do this for you prior to treating you, but as courtesy it is obviously best to do it before hand!

After the laser treatment your skin may be a little sensitive for a couple of hours. You should apply the SPF 30 cream and avoid wearing deodorant, moisturiser, self tan and any form of hot baths, showers or heat for 24 hours.

For the following 7 days apply your SPF 30 cream and keep an eye on the area. If you have any signs of irritation or reaction call Centros Unico or in more severe reactions seek the advice of a health professional such as your GP or NHS direct.


The cost of laser hair removal varies depending upon which area you are thinking of having treated, however Centros Unicos’ current price list is as follows:

£50 per area

  • Upper Lip & Chin
  • Researching alternative hair removal methods to laser hair removalUnderarms
  • Nape
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Shoulders
  • Perianal
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Lower Back
  • Upper back
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Areolas
  • Bikini Line

£100 per area

  • Arms
  • Half Legs
  • Full Face
  • Full Bikini

£200 per area

  • Full legs

Centros Unico do however regularly run offers with up to 40%  off on block bookings.

Whilst it does seem expensive on the face of it, £50 – £200 every three months for up to 8 sessions equates to a maximum cost of £400 – £1600 for a lifetime of being hair free.


There are lots of obvious benefits to having hair removal, but to me these are:

  • Not having to keep up with the endless cycle of shaving, waxing, epilating, hair removal creams etc
  • Not having shaving rash, irritated skin and ingrowing hairs
  • Not having dark shadows under your arms
  • Not having open and visible hair follicles
  • Being able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want without fear of not having shaved, waxed etc
  • Improved body confidence & feel good factor
  • Reduced costs in the long term
  • Not having to worry about packing a razor or booking a wax before your travels
  • Knowing your tan isn’t going to be removed by shaving or waxing
  • Super smooth skin FOREVER.

My experience

Whilst during the treatments some areas may have felt a little sensitive, I did not suffer from reddening, soreness or swelling in any way. I personally didn’t have any reaction whatsoever, so for me it was a quick, easy and pain free experience all around. I had all of my treatment sessions during my lunch hours so that is really just how quick and easy it is. I went to work again in the afternoon and wasn’t troubled by discomfort or adverse symptoms in any way.

To wax or not to wax photograph from Sali Hughes' book Pretty Honest

I always found Egle and the Centros Unico team to be friendly, welcoming and very discreet. They put me at ease from the very first consultation right the way through to my last session.

I noticed a slowing in hair regrowth from the very first session and loved the fact I didn’t have to keep on top of shaving any more. For me as someone who is so dark I really did love and appreciate the result so much.

Although I did have my underarms treated as part of my agreement to review the process with Centros Unico, I will be returning to have my legs and bikini line done as a private paying client. I honestly cannot express just how glad I am they approached me to trial the treatment and just how pleased I have been with the results. If you are thinking of having it done, I would certainly recommend.

Hopefully this post answers everything you wanted to know about the process, but please do let me know there is anything that you think I have missed. In the meantime you can check out Centros Unico via their website here. I attended their clinic in Trinity shopping centre, Leeds but they do have clinics in Bradford, Manchester, Gateshead, the Midlands, London and the South of England and Scotland.

Jessica KG


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  1. 9th May 2018 / 7:26 pm

    Sounds great and as someone with PCOS, I would love to have this done on my face/neck. It’s the cost though sadly, it is out of my budget. Plus, not practical for me as I can’t leave the house lol I would totally love to have it done though if it were possible and you sound like you have had a really great experience and results with it! 🙂

    • jessicakgxx
      9th May 2018 / 9:03 pm

      I would definitely recommend if you ever get the chance to do it lovely! It may be worth looking at getting one of the hand held laser hair removal devices to use at home if you can’t leave the house & you’d love it doing. They are still quite pricey at the moment but I’m sure they’ll come down in cost soon enough. I’m hoping to pick one up to maybe try doing other areas like my legs. Thanks so much for reading ❤️ Jessica KG xx

  2. 10th May 2018 / 4:56 pm

    I’ve been tempted by laser removal for the wedding especially because of my PCOS. I’m just so scared and I don’t know why?! Hair free for life would be amazing! x

    • jessicakgxx
      10th May 2018 / 4:58 pm

      It’s so expensive that’s the only downside, but otherwise it’s amazing! I definitely will be having other areas done x

  3. Terri Heckley
    11th May 2018 / 10:13 am

    Oh I’ve always wanted to have this done! It is a little pricey but sometimes you have to pay that bit extra for the best results xx

    • jessicakgxx
      11th May 2018 / 10:52 am

      Absolutely! xx

  4. 5th July 2018 / 8:07 am

    It got me when you said that this treatment will remove all the dead hair and prevents it from coming back. With this information, I have decided that I will be undergoing this procedure since I am tired of constantly getting unwanted hair removed from some parts of my body. This is also perfect timing since I will be going to the beach next month which requires me to wear bikinis. With this treatment, I won’t have to worry again.

    • jessicakgxx
      7th July 2018 / 6:12 pm

      It’s not a one off treatment honey, you’ll need a full course to be hair free so you definitely wouldn’t be Hair free by next month sorry! Enjoy your holiday though ❤️ Jessica KG x

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