Love, Tanya.

As soon as I saw the “Love Tanya” book was due for release from inspirational Beauty Blogger Tanya Burr, I just knew I had to have it – because, well  who doesn’t “Love Tanya”?

She is a real inspiration to fellow bloggers and any girl who love beauty because let’s face it:

1. she has that cute girl next door thing going on and

2. has built her own empire pre-25 off her own back (now not many young women can say that!)

I personally admire her passion, strength and positivity and can safely say that if you are wanting a feel good read on beauty, fashion and life in general this is a good place to start.

Picture your chilled Sunday with a nice glossy hardback full of photographs and a large latte – bliss.

If you tend to keep a diary and like writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences “Love Tanya” is great for that as it has space in each chapter for your own interaction and notes.

I personally am not one for keeping a diary so didn’t write anything in it, which meant I was able pass it onto one of my best friends to read after me without her having to look at my scrawl and ramblings… A saving grace if ever there was one.

In all seriousness now “Love Tanya”  summarises how Tanya has achieved her dreams in the beauty industry including her time on the Laura Mercier make up counter, building her YouTube channel, launching her cosmetics range and lastly of course – her book.

Tanya’s book is great for feel good tips, but probably a little basic if you’re a trained make up artist who is looking for professional tips and tricks.

Overall – a good addition to any beauty fan’s bookshelf and definitely a winner for younger audiences!

Jessica KG ♡


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