November 2015 Glossybox: Lipstick to Lashes

With a title of “Lipstick to Lashes” it is hard to imagine why this months Glossybox might disappoint, but it did. I hate to start a post off being negative, but being an avid Glossybox fan I have to be upfront and say that this is the first box I have received where I have been left a bit deflated and disappointed.

When you sign up to a monthly subscription service like Glossybox it goes without saying that you are not always going to fall in love every product. That said, over the past few months I have loved most of the products I have received with perhaps only one or two that I have not felt were for me. I usually find my box to be filled with luxury goodies and fantastic value for money so it is probably for that reason that I have developed high expectations from my little pink box of monthly pick me ups.

As we are now in November and at the start of the Christmas party season I had expected a box filled with glamour and opulence. Instead I received a box that felt a little cheap, muddled and forgotten about. Sorry to be so blunt Glossybox, but this one really did let the side down…

Included was:

  • A sample size of Royal Apothic Body Lotion
  • An Eyeshadow Palette by MUA
  • Emite Diamond Heart Primer
  • Eylure Naturalites Lashes
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick


Taking each product in turn…

I found the Royal Apothic Body Lotion packaging to be really lovely. It had a vintage luxury vibe to it which I really liked, but sadly this was where the positives ended for me. The fragrance was too mature and the lotion itself (despite being a thick and rich consistency) did not leave my skin moisturised at all. It felt dry, itchy and actually less moisturised than pre application so a thumbs down for me sadly.

Next up was the MUA Eyeshadow Palette which retails at £4. This is a perfect palette for teens or those wanting a budget friendly option but not a product I would usually ever consider. I personally felt that the target market of this product in comparison to the target market of the Royal Apothic Body Lotion was literally poles apart and I did find myself wondering why they had ever been included within the same box.

If you are looking for a budget friendly option then this palette comes in a handbag friendly size which is perfect for carrying around on a night out. You do however get what you pay for and sadly the colour faded after an hour or so, so did need reapplying. If of course you are someone who doesn’t mind re-applying their make up throughout a night and are looking for a budget friendly alternative over the Christmas period then this may well be for you. Otherwise this wouldn’t be a palette I personally endorsed as I do feel that even for the money there are better options out there. For example, Make Up Revolution offer a range of 32 colour palettes for £8.

I was however pleasantly surprised by the Emite Diamond Heart Primer. I had previously trialled an Emite blush/ bronzer hybrid from a previous Glossybox and really did not get on with it. Thankfully I got on a little better with the Diamond Heart Primer which came in a little white tube and was easily applied. It was a flesh toned colour and did leave my skin with a slightly dewy glow when applied. It does dry matte which is perfect for applying your usual foundation over the top of for a flawless finish. Was this as good as my Laura Mercier primer? Absolutely not, but it is priced significantly lower which does make it more accessible for most.

One thing I was almost certain could not fail me in this box was the Eylure Naturalises Eyelashes. Eylure is my favourite brand for false eyelashes and I absolutely love their naturalites range. Sadly these lashes were that bit too short in length for me, so made my eyes look closed in. They were however the perfect looking texture, so had they been that bit longer they would have been perfect for me. If you had the same problem, check out my previous post on Eylure lashes for longer versions of the naturalites range.

All of that negativity aside let’s finish this post on the positive note shall we?

The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick…


Image source – Glossybox newsletter

In summary – 10/10. 5 stars. Amazing. Just loved it on all counts.

In October, Glossybox sent each subscriber an email link so that they could select one of the four Revlon lipsticks to receive in their box. Top marks to Glossybox on the colour choices as I fell in love with all four and would literally have been happy with any (or all!). I finally settled upon “Fire and Ice” after much deliberation and was not one bit disappointed.

The lipstick was bold, bright and lustrous. It was the perfect shade of  scarlet fiery red, made my lips feel super soft and looked simply amazing. I normally wear MAC sheen supreme lipsticks because I find them to be really buttery and not at all drying like other lipsticks, but for the price of £7.49 each, the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are an absolute steal and real contender. I will definitely be checking out other colour ways in the range and adding these to my ever expanding lipstick collection, so if there is one positive to take away from November’s Glossybox the Revlon lipstick is definitely it.

So fellow #Glambassadors which colour did you go for?

Jessica KG ♡

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