October Glossybox: the furthest from Halloween.

Forget Dracula, zombie girl and dead Cinderella. Octobers Glossybox hasn’t followed suit and gone Halloween mad. It has retained its glossy nature and avoided delivering us a coffin full of horrors and it sure as hell hasn’t changed its name to something witty (or ridiculous) like Ghostybox.

Instead us #glambassadors and fellow #glossies can find sanctuary in our classic pink  box and enjoy the following bright sparkly treasures contained inside…


So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil

Being an avid highlighting fan I absolutely adore this peach toned pencil which gives a matte and seamless finish. I love the fact it is not quite as “out there” as other highlighters which I often find to be too shimmery and result in a cheap or “over the top” look. If like me you have longed for a more natural finish from a highlighter and sought after a tone that is suited to olive or tanned skin then this is ideal for you. Without the usual cold white iridescent tones it had a subtle golden peach undertone which adds warmth and blends perfectly. I tend to apply this down the centre of my nose and across my brow and cheek bones to give subtle shimmer free definition. And what easier method of applying than drawing straight onto your face? Simple, effective, winner.

Talika Photo-Hyda Day

If your skin doesn’t need an overhaul and added TLC  when the seasons change you are one lucky (and very rare) individual. Glossybox got it bang on this month including this full size hydrating day cream by Talika which is the first moisturiser to use energy from natural light to moisturise skin. Its gel like consistency is easily absorbed and leaves skin instantly more glowing. I personally tend to use thick rich moisturising creams but despite this being a much thinner product I found the results equally as good. Another fantastic french skincare product, but what else would you expect? J’taime.

Jelly Pong Pong Play Paint

In keeping with its playful brand and product name this lip and cheek tint is a playful shade of pink. It’s bright and bold so you only need the tiniest amount of product for maximum impact. Whilst lip and cheek tints aren’t something I usually pick up I was a huge fan of this product and carried the little tube around in my handbag every day from the moment it arrived on my door step.

Despite it being October, I love the fact that this tint is bright and fresh. It adds a pop of colour to those mustard, khaki and burgundy tones we’re all sporting this Autumn and reminds us that summer wasn’t actually that long ago. It instantly lifts those dull skin tones and tired eyes and proudly presents a flush of colour on the lips to give the illusion of a whiter brighter smile. As a season transitional product it can comfortably be carried across into the winter season where you’d expect to see the pink pinch on those cheeks.


Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge

We’d all love to be able to genuinely say “I woke up like this” and actually look #flawless without relying upon an excellent skincare and make up regime, but the reality is the majority of us are just not that fortunate. Every day I hear and see girls chatting about what foundation they are using because their skin looks amazing, but very rarely do we ask about their tools for the job.

Any decent make up artist, beauty fanatic or blogger will tell you that good quality applicators and brushes do the majority of the work for you. Historically I have always used Estee Lauder, Mac or Crown make up brushes and never really considered using a sponge. As a teen I recall reading that make up sponges were full of bacteria and having teenage spot prone skin already, a sponge was the last thing on earth I wanted to use.

15 years on (and now showing my age!) I was happy to revisit the dreaded sponge and see whether this Nicka K airbrush really result in a flawless finish. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use. It did definitely did leave a flawless finish, but in the back of my mind I do still have the neon flashing sign reading “bacteria zone” so this is not something I would use every day. For occasion make up however this will be my go to!

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid

I genuinely believe this is just a liquid form of lemon sherbets and cannot concentrate or think of anything else when I have this sweet sugary smelling balm on my lips. Definitely a hit if you love your lips to smell sweet but 100% a miss if you are trying to diet or cut out sugar! As a sweet toothed monster this does nothing for my inner demon, but it is the month of Halloween right? And surely it’s better for the sweets to be on my lips in the form of a balm than in my belly?

Jokes aside, this balm is thick and glossy giving your lips a gorgeous sheen and fullness. The slight gold shimmer reflects light giving maximum glossy impact and an uber glam finish. The lemon oil leaves your lips super soft so is perfect if you are suffering from chapped lips, particularly as the months turn colder.

I tend to leave this tube on my desk at work for a quick fix if my lips feel dry. It’s great if you like having a fairly natural tone to your lips or do not have a mirror in sight to apply your lippie. It gives you that added sheen like a gloss, but soothing effect like a balm. Great for applying over lip colour too for added sparkle and wow factor!

I really should stop using the phrase “another fantastic box of goodies by Glossybox” but what else can I say?

High five to avoiding Halloween in the most perfect and #glossy way!

Jessica KG


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