Opting for the Lob.

For YEARS I have had long beachy waves and can count on one hand the amount of times I have had short hair. I can count on that very same hand the amount of times I’ve also hated it – a grand total of three.

Aged 8 – The “Bowl Cut” Fringe

Aged 14 – The DIY hacking job

Aged 21 – The “no you absolutely do not look anything like Frankie from the Saturdays.” (Dammit.)

Upon careful review of the above it seems my itch for shorter hair comes in 6-7 year cycles, with this year being no exception to the rule.

Aged 28 – THE LOB.

I have been admiring so many lobs (long bobs) over the past few weeks,  be it ombré, wavy or dead straight and blunt – I just love the style. Any of you who read my blog regularly will know of my frustrations with heat damage and split ends and how I have been deep treating my hair every other day for months hoping for some miraculous resurrection.

It seemed natural that at some stage I would have to accept defeat, so last week I decided why not opt to lose 4 inches of the haystack and roll with going a bit shorter?

I’m not going to lie, I did feel a little bit sick watching my hair fall to the floor and wondered if I had made the right choice, but as soon as I looked in the mirror afterwards I immediately felt relief. I actually LOVED IT!

As soon as I got home I sat and had a little play around with it and found that my hair is still long enough to do all the things I did with it before, yet it has that blunt short edgy look when straight and soft romantic look when wavy. It also looks ten times healthier and just generally more sleek.

If any of you are looking at your deflated long locks, I highly recommend opting for the chop!

So here’s the result…. It’s more of a longer lob, but I’ll leave you to your own verdict!

Jessica KG x

 IMG_5660-1  IMG_5662

IMG_5659-1    IMG_5661-1


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  1. 28th June 2015 / 8:44 pm

    It looks fab! I chopped my hair last year and never looked back 🙂

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