Personalised Weddings Gifts: “Mr & Mrs” Mugs

We’ve all seen the thousands of matching “his and hers” and “Mr and Mrs” bits and bobs you can buy off the shelves these days, but when it comes to weddings and a day that is so special it is nice to push the boat out and give the happy couple something truly unique.

The standard “Mr and Mrs” trinkets – although often very pretty – simply do not cut it for me. Couples who invite you to share their special day with them spend a fortune on having you there so in my view the very least you can do is put their new shared surname on their gift! After all that’s what it’s about isn’t it?

Making these mugs was not only quick, easy and budget friendly but also tailored exactly to the bride and groom detailing their surname and wedding day along the mug handle.

Materials & equipment for the mugs:
2 x plain white mugs £1.79 each
1 x Porcelain 150 ceramic paint £3.49 per colour/ pot
1 x paintbrush £1.99
Oven for setting the paint

All of my materials were bought from The Range however other great stores for arts and crafts at similar prices are The Works, Hobbycraft, Dunelm and Boyes. I am sure there are loads more, but these are just the best ones in my local area (Hull). If you have any recommendations for your local area please do share them in the comments below for others to pick up.

Now really there isn’t a lot to say about how I made these… It was a case of dipping my brush in the ceramic paint and painting straight onto the mug freehand. The good thing is that if you make a mistake you can just wipe it straight off (as long as you’re quick!)

Once you’ve painted your design you then need to leave the mugs to dry for 24 hours before setting them in the over at 140 degrees for 40 Minutes.

Et voila – your beautiful hand painted mugs!

PS. I have also done a related post on making a personalised wedding box frame for those of you who would like something a little bit easier and aren’t perhaps as confident in your painting/ drawing skills…


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