Prickly heat sufferer? 

Despite being dark and olive skinned I have been a life long sufferer of prickly heat. It absolutely tortures my hands, the tops of my feet and chest, and can really make my holiday seriously miserable.  Not only does it itch and sting, it blisters up so that I am left with white blotches where I haven’t tanned when it’s gone down.

So what’s the solution?


SO MANY people have said to me “why don’t you go on sunbeds before your holiday?” This is without doubt not something I would advocate anybody who cares about their skin to do and in my experience not something that makes the blindest bit of difference. There are however some very simple things I have found which help relieve and/ or prevent me getting it which I have detailed below:

1. Elemis Tan Enhancer
This product is my secret weapon…
£23.00 per 125ml or the large bottle as shown above is £50.00 for 400ml
I use this every day for two weeks before I go on holiday. It is quite pricey but it 100% works. If you are fair and burn easily or suffer prickly heat this is designed for you and I would highly recommend. It increases the melanonin in your skin to prevent burning and reactions like prickly heat. It is without doubt my holiday essential and one of the very few things I have found that helps.

2. Use a high factor GOOD QUALITY sunscreen
I say good quality as there are so many poor quality products which offer very little by way of protection. I only ever use Nivea sun spray products, mainly because I’m not allergic to them, they’re waterproof and are absorbed very easily.

3. Keep cool
Prickly heat is essentially trapped sweat under your skin (sounds gross) so really put simply – caused by overheating. If you are a sun seeker like me you must keep cool, either by regular breaks in the shade, covering up or dipping in and out of the water. I have packed two rather large floppy hats this year firstly to protect my face (no early wrinkles for me) and also to shade my chest and tops of my arms which tends to be the areas that prickly heat cripples me most.

4. Once you have come out of the sun try cooler showers and then always always always use an aftersun lotion
Again I use Nivea products here. Their aftersun is great because it’s thick, cooling, hydrating and smells lush. It’s important to cool your skin down after being in the sun so once I’ve showered I blather myself in this stuff!

5. Anti histamine (anti allergy) tablets
If you do react the quickest and simplest solution is anti histamine tablets and calamine lotion. Over the counter allergy tablets cost next to nothing and are a life saver in my book. If you are thinking of taking anti histamines though please do seek advice from your own GP or pharmacist and read the packaging before doing so.

It is worth putting a disclaimer out there right now – I am NOT a medical professional. These are all simply things I have found work for me and wanted to share with you on my blog.If you have found any other solutions or have any recommendations please do share them below!

Happy tanning and I hope you all have a wonderful Summer….♡

Jessica KG


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