The start of my fitness journey with Results with Lucy!

It has reached that point where Winter is over, Summer is looming and I’m still showing strong reluctance to shed my layers and expose a little more flesh. In January I start with every intention of being super fit and healthy and having a body to die for come June, however four months down the line I’ve drunk all of the wine, eaten all of the cake and barely moved out of my MissPap combat loungewear set.

Thankfully the lovely team at Results with Lucy approached me last week and gave me the kick up the butt collaboration I needed….

I changed jobs in September last year and now spend the best part of three hours per day commuting to and from work which literally zaps any energy, motivation and spare time I may previously have had to go to the gym and work out. My job is also fairly high pressured and unpredictable so I often don’t know where I will be from one day to the next or whether I will even have time for lunch. As a result over the past 7 months I have eaten fairly badly and exercised very little so generally feel out of shape. I wouldn’t say I am unhappy with the way I look or that I totally hate my body, however I know myself I am not in as good shape as I could and have been and therefore feel the complete opposite of beach body ready.

So here I am preparing to commence the Results with Lucy 12 week new beginnings programme of exercise and healthy eating!

The programme itself is designed at beginner level or for those like me who are getting back into fitness after some serious time out. The programme is an online programme and is designed so that you can access the workouts anywhere and at any time. This is ideal for me at the moment, especially as I know that I cannot commit to a set time or schedule every week. The programme also comes complete with a diet plan, including recipes and a shopping list for each week. Again this is also great for me as it will keep me focussed on preparing in advance and not picking at whatever is convenient.

I am determined to get fit and generally be more healthy, so there you have it – you as my readers have seen my declaration here first hand. I will be posting a review of my results with before and after photographs at the half way point in 6 weeks and again at the end of my 12 week journey so will definitely be relying on the #fitbunnieschat on Twitter on a Sunday night at 6pm to keep me motivated for the week…

Please feel free to check up on me via Twitter and Instagram and swap your own health and fitness tips and woes. Until then, I shall mostly be working out and eating healthily!

Have you tried Results with Lucy? I’d love to hear your stories so feel free to post any comments of links below.

Jessica KG ♡


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