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As a coffee lover and caffeine junkie why would I ever want to consider the concept of detox tea? That first morning coffee holds my life in the balance and a gingerbread latte could literally save me from a fate worse than death. As a consumer of up to eight cups of coffee a day and someone who often replaces lunch with (yep you guessed it) more coffee, a welcome TeaTime detox was absolutely just what the Doctor ordered.


You may have seen my recent interview with TeaTime founder and entrepreneur Ruby Chan a few weeks back in which Ruby introduced her bespoke handmade tea subscription service and explained a little bit about where her inspiration came from. I was initially approached by Ruby to trial her range, but despite being a die hard coffee lover I was so inspired by her business I had to feature her in my Women In Business series first!

For those of you who haven’t read Ruby’s interview yet let me start with some introductions. As a health conscious tea connoisseur, Ruby started making her bespoke tea blends for friends, family and work colleagues to offer them a healthy detox alternative. Skilled in the art of artisan organic detox teas and with the backing of a Virgin start up loan she decided to launch her personal subscription service TeaTime which is founded upon the ethos of delivering health, one cup at a time.

For £4.50 per box, either weekly or fortnightly you will receive a letterbox friendly pack of four gluten and sugar free teas which can be used 2 – 3 times or reinfused. For my personal TeaTime detox subscription I trialled:

Blends_FourBeautea_webFour Beautea which is a blend containing a whole rose bud, Jasmine flowers, osmanthus flowers, Chrysanthemums and red dates. Definitely the prettiest looking of the pots I received there’s no wonder its four flower blend is designed to leave you with beautiful skin. I personally thought this blend was a perfect start to the day and had it first thing in a morning whilst getting ready.

Tummy Tonic containing mint, fennel seeds and senna leaf. This blend is naturally detoxifying and designed to aid digestion but has a much more delicate peppery flavour than other mint teas I have tried. I saved this tea for one of those days where I felt bloated and generally just bleurgh and whilst I won’t say it was a 5 minute miracle, it definitely did make me feel a little better.

Jasmine Pearl Zen which contains jasmine pearl green tea and whole jasmine flowers.3 Fragrant and delicate this blend is designed to soothe and calm the mind, so is perfect for at the end of a stressful day which for me seem to be far too often at the moment! I loved that this blend had such a subtle flavour. I definitely found it to have a calming effect and loved having it last thing before bed. Without doubt my favourite of the four blends.

Blooming Flower which was the simplest of the blends comprising simply of the whole green tea flower. It is packed full of antioxidants and certainly more exciting to brew than any other tea I’ve tried! You literally pop the full flower into boiling water and watch it open as it brews. The flavour wasn’t necessarily to my taste, but the experience definitely made the subscription feel special and like nothing else on the market!

All four blends came individually packaged with the teabags separately. You then add your chosen blend into one of the bags before placing in your teapot, cup or mug and brewing. What’s great is that you can control the strength of your blend by how much you put into the bag. The only downside for me however was that I ran out of tea bags, but that could be because I didn’t put enough of the product in. Maybe Ruby will correct me on this….

Either way, despite being a coffee addict there is definitely space for TeaTime in my life.

So thank you Ruby for introducing me to your bespoke service. I definitely intend to call upon TeaTime again before my major detox pre holiday in December!

You can sign up for your own detox on the TeaTime website and if you use code LAUNCH15 when ordering you will get a second box absolutely free.

What are you waiting for?

Jessica KG ♡


*This product was gifted to me by Ruby Chan of TeaTime but all views are my own. 



    • 22nd November 2015 / 11:10 am

      You’ll have to give them a go, look so beautiful in their little tubs so it’s hard to resist! Jessica KG x

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