Rodial & Wei Bee Venom…. Total plump or total flunk?

There have been so many rave reviews and copycat products since Kate Middleton gave away her beauty secret of bee venom so imagine my joy when I got samples of Wei’s Makuna bee venom anti wrinkle  face mask and Rodial’s bee venom daily moisturiser with my recent Space NK haul.

Let me start by saying I had pretty huge expectations for these products, bearing in mind the hefty price tags of £150.00 for 50ml of the moisturiser and £48.00 for 8 x 8ml face masks.

Now I cannot fault the products in terms of their application, smell and appearance, particularly the moisturiser which smelt lovely. They were both rich, thick and creamy and did feel like luxury products when being applied, plus you only need a very small amount.

I had however expected to wake up with a new face after applying the mask – be it a swollen red one (after finding I did in fact have a bee allergy) or a transformed glowing one of health and youth (which after all is what the reviews had said right?).

Sadly when I dashed for the mirror the following morning I found neither…. In fact what I
found was dull, tight skin in desperate need of a good moisture mask. Oh and the minor
forehead cracks were still there.

I do appreciate that there is no miracle overnight cure and that generally it does take a
few weeks to see the effects of a product, but I had expected just that little bit more IMG_2050from the face mask. Wow factor even. But sadly it just was not there….

I did persevere with the moisturiser, but the results are simply not enough to justify the price tag for me. It may be that these products are more effective for women in their 40’s and above but overall they were a bit of an anticlimax for me.

Anyone else have any more joy?

Jessica KG x

PS. At the weekend I was lucky enough to meet  the lovely Deborah Mitchell, who is the lady behind Heaven Skincare – i.e. the original bee venom product. Over the next couple of weeks I am excited to be trialling and reviewing the Heaven skincare range so stay tuned for a review of the real deal.… If Deborah can’t restore my faith in bee venom, no one can!



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