Super Facialist: High performance skincare for every skin type

Like me, you may have seen Super Facialist taking social media by storm recently. I’ve been seeing lots of beauty bloggers taking beautiful photographs of and trialling the Super Facialist range, but quite often with these blogger trends you do sit there wondering whether the products are really worth the hype. Asserting that you offer high performance skin care for every skin type after all is one VERY bold statement, but does Super Facialist really deliver upon that promise? Here’s what I thought when I was kindly sent a couple of their products to review…

About Super Facialist

The Super Facialist formulations are based on plant extracts and essential oils and are designed to combine nature, science and the senses leaving you with healthier and more beautiful skin. Each product within the Super Facialist range has been designed with a specific skin ailment in mind, so whether it is the Rose range for dry skin or the Neroli range for firmer skin there really is a range for everyone.

I personally suffer from quite oil prone skin and dark circles under my eyes, so I trialled two products from the Vitamin C range which is designed to restore radiance to dull skin and the purifying facial scrub from the Salicylic acid range which is for more blemish and problem prone skin.

Super Facialist Vitamin C
Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser

Super Facialist Vitamin C moisturiser and night cream from their skincare rangeThe Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser comes in 75ml tube and has quite a thick creamy texture. It absorbs relatively quickly and has a gorgeous fruity orange fragrance, which is perfect for perking you up in a morning.

It contains hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid which help to moisturise the skin whilst Vitamin C boosts the skins collagen synthesis revealing more plumped and radiant skin. Fantastic for anti ageing and plumping those fine lines and wrinkles, this anti-oxidant rich moisturiser really is a daily essential for all ages.

Super Facialist Vitamin C
Sleep and Reveal Night Cream

Super Facialist Vitamin C sleep and reveal night cream
Similar to the Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser, the Sleep and Reveal Night Cream has a gorgeous fruity
zesty fragrance and rich creamy texture. It is packed tomato and liquorice extracts which help your skin recover from the daily strains of sun damage and pollution, and anti oxidants and Vitamin C which help to revitalise the skin overnight.

The Super Facialist Sleep and Reveal Night Cream comes in a 50ml glass pot and is perfect for at the end of the day when you are in need of a pamper and a little bit of skincare loving before bed.

Super Facialist Salicylic Acid
Purify & Refresh Facial Scrub

Super Facialist Vitamin C and Salicylic acid skincare rangeThis Purify and Refresh Facial scrub comes in a 150ml tube which lasts forever as a small amount really does go a long way. It is similar in texture to St Ives Apricot Scrub and contains quite coarse micro beads which help to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the skin, revealing a clearer and more even-toned textured complexion.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) and  Salicylic Acid also help to clear the skin, eliminating dead skin cells and impurities with every use whilst Grapeseed Oil and Elderflower help to calm the skin and restore moisture.

My thoughts…

As someone who loves  looking after her skin and having that healthy glow, I definitely felt that the Super Facialist Vitamin C skincare rangeVitamin C products left my skin looking hydrated and dewy, which means they have a definite thumbs up from me! There really is nothing worse than using products that leave your skin with a matte dull finish, I mean come on that’s not what good skincare is about.

However, I think that if I had to have a favourite from the range it would be the Salicylic acid Purify and Refresh Facial Scrub (much as it pains me to say as I usually hate scrubs with micro beads in!) My skin really did feel super soft, cleansed and revitalised after every use so I couldn’t fault it, especially not for £8.99. I am used to using more high end luxury skincare products and so I was definitely very impressed with the products that I tried from the Super Facialist range for the price.

Where to buy the Super Facialist range

The Super Super Facialist Vitamin C and Salicylic acid skincare rangeFacialist Vitamin C Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser and Sleep and Reveal Night Cream are both priced at £16.99 and the Salicylic Acid Purify & Refresh Facial Scrub is priced at £8.99.

The products are all really reasonably priced considering the results and the fact that Super Facialist is very much a mid range skincare buy. I personally think the range is great value for money, as you are getting the power of a more high end product but at a much lower price.

You can buy all of the products I have reviewed from the Super Facialist website, however if you love collecting those Boots advantage card points then you will be pleased to know that you can also buy it from Boots.

 Have you tried any of their products yet?
I’d love to know how you got on!
Jessica KG ♡
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  1. 31st August 2017 / 9:08 am

    I love trying new skin care! Will deffo be popping to boots very soon

  2. 31st August 2017 / 2:01 pm

    This seems like a pretty decent brand to check out. I have pretty much stuck to the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range for like 10 years (with the odd bit of soap and glory thrown in) but I always want to see if there is anything else that I can use to improve my skincare. I may have to have a look in Boots and see what I can find!

    Lauren 🙂 x

    • jessicakgxx
      31st August 2017 / 2:24 pm

      I regularly mix up my skincare as your skin does tend to have different needs at different times owing to climate, seasonal and hormonal changes. Super Facialist do a range for every type of skin concern so it’s definitely worth having a look! Hope you find something you love Lauren. ❤️ Jessica KG x

  3. 1st September 2017 / 8:46 am

    I love your reviews Jessica, always so detailed & informative. I’d buy it from Boots, like you say, those points!!!

    • jessicakgxx
      1st September 2017 / 8:57 am

      Thanks so much Amanda ❤️ glad you love them! If you do pick up Super Facialist I’d love to know how you get on. Jessica KG xx

  4. 1st September 2017 / 11:30 am

    I love trying new skin care bits, your reviews are always SO good, very detailed and I feel like I can trust your reviews!

    • jessicakgxx
      1st September 2017 / 1:01 pm

      Thanks so much Dena that’s so lovely to hear! I love trying new skincare too, it’s my fave thing to review ❤️ Jessica KG xx

  5. 3rd September 2017 / 11:03 am

    I’ve seen this on so many peoples’ Instagram so it’s good to finally see a proper review. Great to hear that it has Vit C – really helps to take the grey out of the skin in winter! Do you happen to know whether it’s cruelty free? Awesome review xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    • jessicakgxx
      3rd September 2017 / 11:39 am

      I believe so Sophie! Glad you enjoyed the review. Jessica KG x

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