The Eyebrow files: is it really possible to DIY?

Up until last year I was an intermittent attendee of the brow bar- I’d take the odd couple of hairs out myself and then when they got that little bit more unruly I’d book in for an eyebrow wax. If I am honest I never really understood the importance of maintaining my brows, nor did I realise just how much of a difference they could make in terms of defining and structuring my face.

I cannot actually remember whether it was something I read, saw or heard that made me want to give the HD brows treatment a go but either way it happened. It was only afterwards that I realised that neglecting my eyebrows was in fact one of the most serious offences I had ever committed in my life and readily accepted that I was actually very lucky not to be serving some serious time.

My eyebrows are naturally very dark so are fairly prominent but do have ideas of their own when it comes to shape. I have a scar over my right brow from where I had a toy car thrown at my head (cheers bro!) and the left one seems to grow in slightly more than the right. At this point it is worth stopping and saying that if you do have perfectly symmetrical brows then you are either incredibly lucky or not telling the truth. The vast majority of us do not have identical brows or symmetrical faces. That is what eyebrow tints and pencils were designed for….  

Over the last few months I have tried a couple of different products and it really does come down to personal preference and skill as to which you will like best. Brow products have literally boomed so there are waxes, powders, gels, pencils, tints… the list goes on!

If you are in need of a product to add in or further define your brows Benefit’s Brow Zings is a cracking little compact containing eyebrow wax and powder, however I find that the tweezers and brow brush included are a bit pants. I personally love eyebrow pencils at the moment, I find them the most precise and effective tool. Plus if they are firm and sharp enough they can give you the most natural looking finish (as you are able to effectively draw in the missing hairs).

I have recently finished using the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape. Unfortunately this literally lasted 3 weeks as the pencil (which was very soft and balmy) needed sharpening every other day. So as I was out and about shopping this week I picked up the Eylure brow pencil together with some of their brow shaper strips. I have recently started waxing my brows myself at home, cutting down the strips myself before application so when I saw the pre-shaped wax strips I thought I may as well give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to use and how effective they were. Don’t get me wrong – nothing compares to having a professional brow treatment but these are pretty good for the price and perfect for in between appointments if you are trying to save a bit of cash or have particularly bushy brows. The Eylure pencil I have to say I absolutely love for the price. Effective and long lasting and the brush on the end is perfect for combing through and neatening any strays. I have always loved Eylure eyelashes (see my related post on the best ones here) and would definitely recommend their brow products too.

If you are lucky enough to have lovely low maintenance brows that need very little by way of definition or adding in then a brow gel or mascara is ideal for you. You can pick these up from most cosmetics brands fairly cheaply, but failing that a little bit of Vaseline and a clean old mascara wand is a low cost easy option!

Jessica KG x

PS. All of the products featured have direct links so you can find and try them, just click and enjoy!


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