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A brief guide to the best strip false eyelash glue/ adhesive…

One sorry Sunday morning in September 2013 I woke up with swollen, puffy and sore eyes which were sporting a pink itchy line where my strip false eyelashes once sat. After prolonged use I had developed an allergy to the latex based strip eyelash adhesive.

Chances are if you are having the same problem right now it could be down to your eyelash glue and you should stop using it immediately.

Now for any avid false eyelash fan this is a MAJOR DOWNER and leaves you facing the dilemma of which product/s to turn to (and if I am honest you are pretty limited).

From that point on I found myself trying numerous alternatives to the Royal Lash Adhesive I had always used – trying to figure out exactly what the problem was and what would be a suitable alternative. After trial and error I found  that the only glue/s not to cause the same reaction were latex free ones.

If you (like me) find the latex based glues cause you irritation I would recommend Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive and Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive. The Revlon one is slightly more sticky but feels softer and lighter on your eye. The Ardell one dries “crunchy” – almost like individual lash glue. I also found with the Ardell glue my lashes did lift around the edges – so if you have watery eyes or wear contact lenses you may want to stick with the Revlon one as it seems to be a bit more durable.

If you are lucky and do not have any issue whatsoever with latex based glues then your choices are fairly wide and you should be able to pick up glue almost anywhere. However, I’d recommend: Eylure Lashfix, Ardell Lashgrip and Duo waterproof. In that order – although it is pretty hard to differentiate between the three as they are all very similar!

Now as I said in my previous “The Eyelash Files: Strip” post – there are literally hundreds of brands out there so it’s all about trial and error. The above are however the best glues I have found and wanted to share with you all.

ardell brush onroyal eyelash adhesiverevlonlashfixlash gripduo


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