The Eyelash Files: Salon Experience

My experience of having false eyelashes applied in a salon…

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As a girl who religiously applies lashes daily you’d think I’d just give up and have the semi-permanent ones applied right? WRONG.

To me this concept is on a par with trusting someone else to do your wedding make up… Why would you?

I have personally practised and perfected applying my own eyelashes over the past 10 years – to the point where I 100% know what I like, what works and most of all what suits. To expect another human being on this planet to achieve my expectations when applying lashes is almost impossible. At the end of the day who knows your face best?

I have tried having semi permanent lashes applied on three separate occasions now, each time psyching myself up to attend the Salon and each time hoping that this time – no really this time – it will not end in bitter disappointment.

I have tried to take in the strip lashes I normally wear and show the ladies in question photographs of how my eyes look normally to try and help them achieve the perfect lashes I so desired. At the end of the day I want them to get it right, and if they do I’ll be back time and time again.

Sadly there is yet to be an occasion whereby I have not been utterly disappointed and removed the eyelashes as soon as I have walked through my front door.

They are either:
1. Too thick
2. Too heavy
3. Too long
4. Uncomfortable as a result of excessive glue or
5. Too close to the edges (so when I blink I feel like I am being stabbed in the nose)
6. Simply just too false looking

I appreciate that there are of course good and bad in all walks of life and I do not doubt that there are some fantastic beauticians out there who apply false eyelashes beautifully, creating lashes that are perfectly natural, comfortable and long lasting. I am however yet to find one of them. (If you have, hang onto her – she’s gold dust!)

If you are one of the more fortunate people who has found an amazing beautician who can apply natural looking false eyelashes beautifully please do comment and share their details – these gems of the beauty world deserve recognition!

Jessica KG

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