The Eyelash Files: Strip

A guide to the best strip false eyelashes….

Anyone who knows me (it doesn’t even have to be well) knows that for over 10 years I have worn false eyelashes every single day.

I have tried hundreds and hundreds of lashes, but there are two leading brands for a reason and I tend to stick to them – Ardell & Eylure.

I always feel that “going out” lashes should be slightly bigger, fuller and just generally more OUT THERE. So lets save the wow factor/ secret weapon for those special occasions and opt for a slightly more refined daytime lash for everyday purposes.

In the past I would have always said (hands down) Royal Premier Style 120 – a cheap, unsuspecting hidden gem. Now I’d say avoid like the plague. They changed the glue formula which now smells like fish, is watery and just well neither use nor ornament. The lashes used to be light, natural looking and last weeks. Now they fall apart after one use. After approximately 8 years of prolonged success it is with regret I now say – AVOID.

So my top 3 strip lash picks….


1. Eylure Cheryl strip Style No 114

cheryl lash

Very easy to apply, lightweight and soft. Literally does exactly what it says on the packet and comes with a small tube of glue (which is very good).


2. Ardell Style No 122

ardell 122 lash

Made from natural hair & have a super soft strip making application easy.

NB: No glue included.


If you’re looking for an evening lash similar to this style, opt for Ardell style No 113 – it’s thicker, fuller, longer and more dramatic without being heavy, stiff and difficult to apply.


3. Eylure Naturalites Style No 155

Pretty much all of the Naturalites range by Eylure is good, however No 155 are my faves. Again come with a little tube of glue. I’d say these are a bit longer than the Cheryl No 114 lash so if you want added length but similar style pick these.

eylure 155 lash


You will see that the above top 3 for me are all very similar. When picking eyelashes try and think about the shape of your eye, the natural texture and length of your own lashes and try and get a close match. Avoid picking the “conventional” or “popular” lashes. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.

If you just want longer lashes, pick a strip lash that is the texture and fullness of your own lash – just longer. If you want thicker lashes, pick a strip lash that’s a similar length and texture to your own lashes – just thicker. That way you’ll end up with more natural looking lashes.

If you are unlucky like me and instead your younger, slimmer and taller brother got the long full sweeping lashes to boot then one of the above will help you out massively. It’s worth noting that I have quite a large eye lid/ eye so I can carry longer & fuller lashes quite easily – if you have smaller eyes try picking slightly finer lashes and more delicate styles otherwise the lashes will just look too heavy for you (and vice versa).
I have tried the leading Ardell demi wispies but they are just too short and dense for my eyes (and just close them in).

I have however seen them look amazing on my friend Jen who has them in the wine colour to accent and compliment her blue eyes. images

She also swears by the Shu Uemura lashes but these can be quite pricey. If you have a special occasion and struggle putting your own lashes on I strongly recommend attending one of their counters as they will help you pick the best style and put them on for you.

There are absolutely hundreds of strip lashes in all textures, lengths, colours and styles. Pick what is right for you – don’t just go with the flow. If in doubt pick up a couple of different styles – trial and error is always good until you find your fit.

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Jessica KG



  1. 10th May 2015 / 2:03 pm

    Eylure eyelashes are the only ones I have ever got on with. Nice read 🙂

  2. 10th May 2015 / 2:03 pm

    Eylure eyelashes are the only ones I have ever got on with. Nice read 🙂

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