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Molton Brown Replenishing Hand Cream trio Review

Molton-Brown-Hand-Cream-Gift-Set_MBG151_XLIn my view you can never go far wrong opening a gift set by Molton Brown on Christmas day, particularly if the gift is in a soft cream box with a ribbon and a bow and has that capital letters logo that reads: MOLTON BROWN LONDON. You just know it’s going to be good whatever it is.

Now I use hand creams religiously throughout the day, particularly Monday – Friday during the hours of 9am – 5:30pm as neither I nor my hands are a fan of the soap found in the restrooms of my employer (no criticism intended!) so this gift was always going to be a winner.

The three hand creams in the set are:
Gingerlilly (soft coral tube)
Pink Pepperpod (hot pink tube)
Orange & Bergamot (lemon tube)

All three smell absolutely lush (of course they do – they’re Molton Brown) but if I had to pick an absolute favourite it would be pink pepperpod which is quite unusual for me. Normally I like soft floral scents but this has an almost slightly masculine smell which I kind of quite like – it’s definitely not as girlie as the tube would have you think.

The gingerlilly is a staple handbag must for me. Light, floral and clean.

Orange & bergamot is my least favourite but that’s simply down to personal preference. It’s the bergamot that really comes through on this so if you’re more a fan of fruity scents it’s probably not your bag.

All three creams are a rich consistency which is easily absorbed. They’re not greasy in application so you’re not left sat thinking you can’t touch anything for 10 minutes like with some other hand creams.

My favourite thing is that you can actually smell the cream for hours after application which is just spot on in my view. Apart from the fact I look a little odd sat smelling my hands every 5 minutes…. but that is genuinely the only downside!

This particular set was a limited edition at Christmas which retailed at £25. Molton Brown however do a similar one currently – the only difference being the pink tube is rhubarb and rose. Otherwise the individual tubes are available at £10.

Definitely one of lifes little luxuries. 

Jessica KG


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