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After reviewing the Timeless Truth mask I received in Augusts #bloggerbeautybox I was very kindly sent another two masks by Timeless Truth to try. The Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask and the award winning Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask.

Both masks are cloth masks which come individually packaged and pre-soaked in the luxurious serums. In terms of application you simply remove the masks from the packaging, remove the protective layer and apply to your face. All of the Timeless Truth masks come soaked in ample serum and have enough in the pack for a second application if preferred. I personally like to go for a good luxury soaking so applied all of the serum in the pack to my face and neck for maximum benefit!

Let’s start with the Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask which is designed for problem skin. It has a unique patented green tea formula which fortifies the skin by oxidizing and regulating oil secretion which ultimately reduces pores, skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Absolutely ideal for acne sufferers or people with spot prone skin as it gently calms and soothes.

I am personally very fortunate in that I do not suffer from acne and generally only tend to get spots around that “time of the month”. For that reason I asked one of my friends to trial this mask for me so it was tested on the right type of skin and I could give you guys as my readers an accurate review.

I am actually really glad I did as they were over the moon with the results! Their skin, (which was usually fairly oily) was left healthy and glowing but without having their usual problem of looking shiny and greasy. It helped clear up redness and those angry looking under the surface spots and left their skin super soft and calm feeling, a look and texture which apparently they haven’t had for some time, so high five Timeless Truth!

I personally tried the award winning Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask which is designed to nourish and stimulate the skin, repair damaged tissue and delay the signs of ageing. The marine collagen in it helps promote the elasticity and suppleness of skin reducing signs of fatigue and dehydration.

I applied this mask the morning after a couple of vinos – i.e. at the point of ultimate fatigue and dehydration! Before trying Timeless Truth I had never used cloth masks but  I have to say that I think I may be converted. You really do feel like you are being pampered when you have the serum soaked cloth applied and the serum itself is thick and luxurious.

IMG_0965I left my mask on for approximately 20 minutes and found that my skin was super smooth to touch and really hydrated. It looked healthy and glowing and ultimately lifted. It did not win the best new anti ageing product in the Pure Beauty awards 2014 for nothing!

If you are looking for a new mask to include in your anti-ageing routine, this is a serious contender I have to say. After all every girl needs that little bit of luxury in her life….

If you are interested in trying a Timeless Truth mask you can check out their range on the Timeless Truth website or by finding them on Twitter or Facebook. Angela is lovely so if you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to drop her a little message and I am sure she will help you.

Has anyone else tried any others in the range?

Jessica KG



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