Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask

Any beauty blogger will tell you that a huge perk is trialling and discovering new products and occasionally coming across the odd miracle. Sometimes it can take months of trial and error before you find a hidden gem and on other occasions they can literally land on your doormat.

Over the past few months I have trialled a number of the Timeless Truth masks and I have to say I am yet to be disappointed. I initially received the Organic Silk Fibre Mask in August’s Blogger Beauty Box and was subsequently sent the Green Tea Phenol Soothing and Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen masks by Angela after she happened upon my previous blog post.

Having kept in touch with Angela over the last couple of months she has kindly sent me another of her fantastic masks, the Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask. Whilst I have loved the previous Timeless Truth masks it is safe to say that this is without doubt my favourite to date.IMG_1022

All of the Timeless Truth masks come in a cloth form, soaked in the luxurious serum and individually packaged in sachets. This particular mask came complete with loops to pull over each ear and under your neck to secure the mask in place which I found much easier in terms of application than some of the other masks.

The smell was clean, fresh and light and as always the serum thick, luxurious, non sticky and very easily absorbed.

I left my mask on for approximately 20 minutes whilst I did my usual Sunday morning jobs and prayed that there wouldn’t be any knocks at the front door whilst I was in my masking zone. After removing my mask I found my skin not only felt amazing but looked amazing. It instantly looked more radiant and felt incredibly soft.

I have a fairly normal skin type but it can be fairly sensitive and tends to look a bit dull and tired by the end of the week. The Orchid mask was very much the little pick me up my face so desperately craved last week and I was literally over the moon with the results.

Prior to Timeless Truth I had never used a cloth mask but I will definitely be introducing the Orchid extract mask into my skincare regime, particularly in the winter months. If you haven’t tried any in the range I would definitely recommend you do. You can check out the full range here, however links to my previous reviews are below for ease of reference…

Organic Silk Fibre Mask
Green Tea Phenol Soothing and Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen masks

Has anyone tried any of the other masks in the Timeless Truth range?

If you have please do feel free to leave links to your posts below. I am always happy to share fellow bloggers products reviews to give an all round verdict for anyone reading!

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