Tinted Love. 🐾

A review of CND Shellac in Tinted Love

“Once I ran to you
Now I’ll run from you
This Tinted love you’ve given
I gave you all a girl could give you
Take my tears & that’s not nearly all….
Tinted love…Tinted love!”

*groans heard*

Sorry girls (and any guys who may be reading!) as soon as I saw the name of this Shallac Polish I just couldn’t help myself…

It was only last year Hayley (my mobile Nail Technician) led me into the temptation of Shellac toe nails to match my lovely acrylic nails (and I’ve not turned back).

Now I have a REAL issue with matching polish on nails and toes so you’d think I’d have just opted for the obvious choice and just gone with Shellac on both right? Nope. Well not until last weekend.

Setting the scene – I pride myself on being a 5 years clean nail biter, but I have been left with the punishment of soft peeling nails which split as soon as they reach any decent length. So I’ve historically always opted for quick dip acrylic tips every 2 weeks because they give my nails some stability and length, but last week I took the plunge and had my much loved acrylics soaked off and made the decision to try out Shellac on my OWN nails.

Hayley has just started doing an IBX treatment which repairs and strengthens your natural nail and can be applied directly underneath your Shellac which does help keep it in place longer too so I thought it was about time I gave it a go….after all if you can have amazing natural nails without the acrylic why wouldn’t you?

My nail colour palette doesn’t vary all that much because of my profession so I always pick some form of red, nude, pink, coffee or deep purple. This week Shellac Tinted Love was a fairly obvious choice. It’s kinda red, kinda pink, kinda purple – kinda AWESOME and kinda covering all bases – well apart from nude and coffee that is!

So why bother? 

  • It LASTS (I have my toes done every 4 weeks)
  • It rarely chips
  • It gives a much shinier/ glossier finish
  • It dries instantly so there’s none of this waiting around or smudging malarkey – you’re literally straight on your way, and
  • You don’t need to do any top up/ maintenance at home

So how’s it done?

Well Shellac basically comes in a bottle very much like a nail polish, but is set under a UV lamp in stages. So there’s a base coat, 2 coats of your chosen colour and a top coat. Each stage is set in a couple of minutes under the lamp.

I personally think it’s an amazing treatment – particularly for Summer and the Holiday season. It means you’re not packing endless nail maintenance items in your much needed bikini space! So if you pick one treatment to splurge on this Summer I’d say pick Shellac.

The jury is obviously still out on the IBX as I have only had one treatment, but I will be posting a review including before and after shots a few treatments in so watch this space…..IMG_5349

Obviously I cannot write an article on how amazing my nails are without crediting Hayley and sharing her details with you, so if you are based in the Hull area and are thinking of having this (or any other nail treatment) done, feel free to contact Hayley & let her know you’ve seen my blog & I have recommended you!

Hayley Jowett Nails
07891 040484

Jessica KG


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