UltraDex Breath Spray

I am as guilty as the next person for picking up a packet of gum to freshen my mouth throughout the day but in reality we all know that seeing people chew is neither attractive nor classy. So what’s the alternative? A packet of sugary mints or carrying a breath spray? Sugary mints are a total no go for me and carrying a breath spray is really not something I had even considered until I was asked to trial this one by UltraDex.

Now I was first introduced to UltraDex a few weeks back when trialling their whitening and re-calcifying toothpaste and mouthwash and I have to say the results were fantastic. My teeth felt stronger, healthier and looked so much brighter, so  when they asked me to try this little handbag sized freshener I was definitely game.

I love the fact it comes in a teeny discreet spray that is literally friendly to ANY handbag size. Being someone who is quite partial to a clutch bag, the fact that it fit perfectly in mine alongside my lipstick was a real plus point for me. Even bigger bonus was the fact that I didn’t come home with 6 escapee squares of gum loose in my bag. Score.


Now I personally wouldn’t sit at my desk or in the middle of a bar spraying this into my mouth (a la Lloyd Dumb & Dumber style) but I do think it’s perfect for carrying in your bag to freshen up discreetly in the ladies.

The deal breaker for me was of course whether this actually works?

Yes. It 100% does. You can literally feel it tingling in your mouth, reacting to and killing off all of the bacteria to leave a really fresh minty clean feeling. So, impractical posed floral photographs aside – if you’re a garlic fan this really is your lifeline.

If you fancy giving it a try check out the UltraDex website.

Alternatively check out my review of the whitening and re-calcifying mouthwash and toothpaste. I can hand on heart say I will never use another toothpaste again.

Anyone else tried UltraDex?

Jessica KG




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