Who wants whiter, brighter teeth?

Anyone who knows anything about reversing the signs of ageing knows that having your teeth whitened is 100% more effective than having a face lift when it comes to looking younger. So before you think about going under the knife, consider your teeth and invest in a decent dental regime first.

As someone who has committed every possible sin when it comes to maintaining a whiter and brighter smile imagine my joy when I was sent a set of the whitening and re-calcifying toothpaste and mouthwash by UltraDex.

To put things into context, I am a religious black coffee and red wine drinker and have been known to dabble in the occasional Marlboro light so you can imagine my teeth aren’t quite as pearly as they should be. That aside my teeth are in fairly good condition. Without sounding all *I’m so great* here, I have never had a filling or any real dental problems so my only real concern with my smile is just how white it is.

I have had laser whitening in the past which is very effective but also very painful. For someone who is usually sensitivity free I found that for three days after having laser whitening my teeth were painful and intolerable to even the slightest breeze. I could only eat pale foods and drink colourless drinks to ensure my teeth did not absorb any colour whilst they were still porous. Needless to say I haven’t rushed back for another laser treatment in a hurry….

I have also tried numerous different toothpastes and mouthwashes all of which claim to give me a whiter and brighter smile but none of which have actually done so. I was fairly sceptical when I first started using the UltraDex products and didn’t really expect to notice any major difference. I was however pleasantly surprised to find that after just 10 days I was receiving comments about how white my teeth were looking. My partner has also been trialling the products with me and his teeth are looking much whiter too.

UltraDex is developed and endorsed by Dental professionals and specifically designed for sensitive teeth so it is not invasive or painful to use. It naturally rebuilds tooth enamel, breaks down bacteria to eliminate odours and oxidises stains on teeth to leave you with a healthier and whiter smile.

At £8.15 for 75ml re-calcifying and whitening toothpaste and £7.50 for the daily oral rinse they are slightly pricier than the products I would normally use however they are without doubt much more effective. If you have struggled to find any effective high street product I would recommend giving UltraDex a go and you can check out their range here.

IMG_0736The only minor down side for me was that I didn’t get that minty fresh feeling you do from other products. This felt much more subtle and neutral, with the mouthwash almost being quite milky. Either way the formula clearly works so I cannot grumble too much!

Has anyone else tried UltraDex or found an alternative whitening that is as safe and effective?

Jessica KG




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