Women in Business: Abi Oleck of BeauBronz

After the HUGE success of the first in my Women in Business series last week I am honoured to be able to bring you the next inspiring lady, Abi Oleck of Beau Bronz London.

Now you may recall from last weeks BeauBronz review post that I was first introduced to Abi and her fantastic range of products at  the #bigbloggerconference back in August when I witnessed Abi’s tanning contouring skills first hand.

I have since received further reports of Abi’s immaculate tanning skills from fellow blogger and #bigbloggerconference founder Lauren of Blonde Vision who was lucky enough to have a spray tan at one of Abi’s salons a few weeks back.

So as summer is drawing to a close and we seem to have lost those final glimpses of sunshine for 2015 I thought who better to bring to you in this dull and gloomy September than the Queen of Glow herself….

Abi, what inspired you to create BeauBronz?

 In 2001 my best friend was diagnose as A1 candidate for skin cancers after using sunbeds, sometimes daily.

I had seen spray tanning in the USA and wanted to produce a natural, organic based ingredients brand whose ethos was to create flawless natural looking skin tones for all women of any colour so I started BeauBronz.

For those readers unfamiliar with BeauBronz, what would you say are the core foundations of your brand?

Our core foundations are firstly the highest quality ingredients are always to be used and I personally train all BeauBronz tans artists teachers to ensure an impeccable flawless tan is given every time from whoever uses my brand.

How has BeauBronz grown since you first started the business?

The business has grown in many different directions from being invited on to This Morning as a TAN TV expert to producing the tans for the stars on Dancing on Ice. It has been a privilege to supply either products or services to  London’s top spas such as Browns Hotel Mayfair, Claridges, and The Langham  Hotel and each day is wonderfully different bringing new opportunities and challenges !

What have been your biggest struggles since launching BeauBronz?

I think as with every business it was the recession! However I looked after my loyal customers, proving discounts and credit when needed and together we all moved forward.

And on the flip side, what have been your most memorable achievements since launching BeauBronz?

Spray tanning Jayne Torvil and having the privilege of watching Chris and Jayne skate in rehearsals on the show, I grew up with them and just love them!

Which product is your personal favourite from the BeauBronz range?

My Soft Sun for English Roses, it smells divine, like spring time flowers, and is a beautiful natural colour.

What makes BeauBronz so different from any other tanning product/s on the market?

We use an airbrush instead of an HVLP to apply our tan, this ensure’s perfect layering application and contouring.

For anyone who is a little unsure about having a spray tan with you what would you say?

Always go lighter at first and gently layer the tan.

For anyone looking at BeauBronz home self tanning range and wondering whether your products are for them what would you say?

Take a look at our YouTube account
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSN06CJU481F_qcBwbB1AKQ where you’ll find lots of videos to help in all areas of tanning.

Plus you can tweet me your questions anytime! @abibeaubronz

Where did you learn your famous body contouring spray tan technique?

All my techniques I discovered and created myself!

Where can readers book a spray tan with you?

Please use this link  to book a spray tan http://beaubronz.co.uk/salons/

Who is the most famous person you have tanned?

Lady Gaga!

What are your goals for BeauBronz over the next few years?

To help suffers of Vitiligo with DHA application.

If you had one message you could personally pass on to Jessica KG readers what would it be?

Live life, travel and practise safe sunning!! SPF your skin and fake it! x

I really cannot endorse Abi and her tanning skills enough here. As someone who has feared having a spray tan for most of her teenage and adult life, after seeing Abi’s work on english rose skin I would have no fears whatsoever at letting her tan mine. If you haven’t already read my review on Abi’s BeauBronz range please do – the products are long lasting, natural looking and smell lovely.

Rest assured this isn’t a shameless plug or an advertising ploy (and Abi is not paying me!) I do genuinely feel she has developed a fantastic product and deserves the recognition for it – after all that is exactly what this Women in Business series is all about!

So thank you to Abi for being featured. I really do hope that she has inspired you sun seekers to avoid the death beds and practice safe sunless tanning.

Anyone for a September spray tan? I’m thinking of rounding up a bus trip down to London….

Jessica KG


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