Women In Business: Amanda Shayle Senior Lecturer, College of Chinese Medicine Vice Chair, The Acupuncture Society MD and Acuregen Limited

As if Amanda Shayle: Senior Lecturer, Vice Chair of the College of Chinese Medicine and MD of the Acupuncture Society did not have an impressive enough CV without then adding her own  company Acuregen Limited.

With a tag line of “look loved, feel loved” it’s hard to ignore the  impact looking good has on your health, self esteem and confidence so when business women and health professionals like Amanda  develop their own range of completely natural, ethical and safe  products for consumers like me  why would I  not want to embrace and support them?

This weeks Women In Business feature brings you a lady who not only understands the impact a product alone can have on your physical health and mental well being but has built her business with that focus in mind…

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So Amanda, what inspired you to set up your business ?

Inspired by the potential use of acupuncture for enhancing health and beauty, I developed a system that has now been taught worldwide. As part of the research I quickly realised the importance of natural skincare for home use and in clinic. This has become a significant aspect for patient satisfaction in their treatment outcomes.

The Acuregen mission is to deliver clinical excellence as well as ethical, safe, enjoyable treatments so that our clients do, indeed, feel loved and look loved.

What are the key foundations of your brand?

I found that most of the creams in the market contained compounds potentially harmful (due to the massive absorption into the skin after needling) and I needed something safe, yet effective, to offer my patients. I wanted to deliver a British-made range which fulfilled my requirements for no animal testing and the use of raw ingredients I could trust.

Of course such products needed to be effective and after years of clinical use and reformulation my expectations have been met. Also, my baby son developed a serious skin condition after his 3 month vaccinations. My recollection of his needs and those of my clients’ for pure dermatology skincare influenced me to develop the Derme range in 2015.

How has your business grown since you first launched?

Over a 10 year period our focus was in training (a now) international team of medical professional worldwide and the development of Thrive needles and clinical package. Feedback, for years, demanded a skincare range which was at last launched in 2012.

All this work has significantly improved our clinical outcomes and since our successful launch to the consumer this year at the Anti-Aging show, Olympia and a growth in our export business, the Acuregen cosmetic brand and unique treatment package has been born. It’s so very exciting.

What have been your biggest struggles since launching?

The costs of doing things properly with legal work and product testing have been challenging. I have launched and grown this company during a divorce and a house purchase nightmare with the challenges of high bridging loan costs and unscrupulous professionals. This has driven me to make this business work and given me the tough tools to be a successful entrepreneur.

I actually don’t regret this tough learning experience. Amusingly in a recent meeting with another driven colleague, we completed our discussions late into the evening and laughed as we realised we were both going back to our clinics to sleep, once again, on the floor!

And on the flip side, what have been your most memorable achievements?

The support and growth of an incredible network of professional people around me who have supported me and continue to do so. To this day I have self-funded – so I can follow my vision without interference from investors.

I still can’t believe I have achieved all this and now with the opening of my Company home, academy and clinic in London my dream is coming true.

What makes your products so different from any others on the market?

Acuregen is a privately-owned company with innovation, ethics, quality and effectiveness all topping our list. We are a ‘small’ producer and can make the choice to only include the purest ingredients in our products without a board of directors pressuring us about our bottom line.

Fancy packaging, heavy marketing costs are not on our agenda – the value is in the product itself. Organic apples are often not as pretty as those mass-farmed – but consumers know what they are buying. Our skincare performs, containing cold-pressed essential oils and other natural ingredients that retain their therapeutic value and natural fragrance. Our bottles are simple but still lovely and repeat purchases speak for themselves whether for home care or during a course of treatment.

For anyone who is a little unsure about purchasing your products what would you say?

I always say to my patients “you will never be the same again – in a good way!” They laugh and remind me later that my words were true. I am confident that anyone trying our skincare will not believe how well and easily they absorb. Our cleansing products leave no greasy residue or tight skin after using. Our feedbacks cross generations with mums, dads and their teenage sons and daughters loving the products.

The only way to find out is to experience even one product….

Which products are your personal favourites?

I love them all but cannot live without my Rose day and Lavender night argon oils which I blend with my day and night creams and goats milk body lotion. This together with my Firm and Lift serum. Also one of my body bath oils (Jasmine, Rose and Lavender) which help me chill out at the end of the day as I soak in the bath and leave my skin so soft.

What are your goals for your business over the next few years?

The continued development of an international network of stockists and certified teachers and clinics offering the Acuregen experience. Even more important is now to drive the UK and export potential with the skincare ranges and the professional sales of my Thrive Intradermal needles worldwide.

If you had one message you could personally pass on to Jessica KG readers what would it be?

My tag line is” Look Loved, Feel Loved”.

We all need that and hope to that the wider consumer will understand how we can help them achieve this. Beauty comes from within and even a face full of wrinkles can be beautiful if you feel loved. My USA family live in the Rockies. I have photos of some of the elderly local people living there totally reflecting beauty from within.

You can check out Amanda’s range on the Acuregen website where you will find full details of each of the products in her range together with the benefits they offer.

*Spoiler alert* I am personally reviewing the Acuregen lavender bath and body oil at the moment and I have to say that it is simply divine!  A few drops in the bath leaves me feeling completely calm and relaxed but applying it to my skin takes it to the next level of pampering and luxury. I will of course be bringing you the full review very shortly but for the time I wanted to share my excitement of discovering Amanda’s range….

How do you feel about the Acuregen tag line?

Do you agree that when you “look loved” you “feel loved”?

I know I do!


Jessica KG ♡

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