Women In Business: Florence Grace of Love From… Magazine

Ever wanted to set up your own magazine? Well Florence Grace –  a woman boasting many talents has done exactly that. She is already an established Journalist, Radio Presenter and Blogger but has recently embarked on her new adventure: Love From… magazine.

10660273_707531735981990_932801794079357290_nFlorence has kindly agreed to share her story and give the below interview as part of my Women In Business series….

What inspired you to set up the Love From magazine?

I have always wanted to write for a magazine or own my own magazine…I was forever making “magazines” when I was younger and thrusting them upon my family. Once I’d been blogging for almost a year, my confidence had grown and I had a few people who told me they’d like to write for me if I took the leap…so I did!

How do you set up a magazine?

You have to have a plan. You can not just jump right in and do it. You need to find a niche in the market that matches your passion and fill that niche. Then you need to think of a catchy name, colour scheme, find writers, advertisers, photographers…it’s very, very time consuming but also a lot of fun!

For those readers unfamiliar with the magazine what would you say is your target market?

I would say my target market is women aged 15-40. I didn’t originally intend on a female only market and I would say there are some articles that are good reads for both males and females…but research tells me it’s the women my magazine appeals to the most!

What sort of topics do you cover and how do you source your content?

I cover mostly lifestyle topics, and although I have one article on fashion and one on beauty per issue, I try to steer clear of those topics- too many women’s mags focus on them! I also cover a lot of important issues such as sexuality, feminism, racial issues and current global issues. Girls don’t always want to read about bras and boys! All content is based on online research, current breaking news or the opinions of myself and my columnists.

What has personally been your favourite article or feature?

My favourite article so far has to be the interview with Bliss Bakery in Issue 2. Ricarda (the owner of the company) is so lovely to chat too, and I got to feature loads of amazing photos of her incredible cakes! However, every article I’ve published is great, I have a lot of talented writers on board!

How has Love From grown since you first started the business?

It is still only a tiny publication, with Issue 3 coming out in December, but already we have a following of nearly 200 on twitter and instagram and I have a team of almost 20 writers, with issues being distributed all over the UK and one even going out to America! Starting from nothing and currently being at this point feels amazing, even if it still is so small!

What have been your biggest struggles since launching?

Costs, definitely. It currently costs me £4.50 to print one copy of the magazine, yet I sell them for £2.50 and don’t charge postage, so I do make a huge loss. I’m trying to gain advertisers to help cover the costs, but at the moment it is all about raising awareness that the magazine even exists, and thats what motivates me through the lows!

And on the flip side, what have been your most memorable achievements?

My most memorable achievement with Love from… is definitely someone in America wanting a magazine, but also so many people asking to write for me, instead of me approaching them! It feels amazing that people want to work for my little magazine!! I just hope that the publication will continue to grow so that one day I can reward them for their support and hard work!

What makes Love From so different from any other magazines on the market?

We don’t focus on womens problems, weight, looks, sex life and so on. We focus on the bigger picture, issues on a global scale and discuss what many womens mags do so only briefly, if at all. Also, we work closely with small businesses, using the magazine as a promotional space…for totally free!

Where can readers see and buy your magazine?11896240_10203545094627678_801527689814848174_n

Unfortunately, the magazine is currently only available in printed format (We are working on this!) To buy a copy for £2.50, please email lovefrommag@gmail.com for further instructions on placing an order. All payments are made via PayPal!

What are your goals for Love From over the next few years?

I want to find a cheaper publisher, gain more advertisers and grow my audience to about 2,000 people…as well as take on a lot more writers!

If you had one message you could personally pass on to Jessica KG readers what would it be?

No dream is ever too big. Don’t give up, don’t tell yourself no and don’t put yourself and your skills down. If you work hard enough, you can achieve exactly what you want- cheesy but true. Dream big!!!

If you want to advertise with Love from… magazine, write for us or be one of our small business features, please email lovefrommag@gmail.com with “advert”, “writing” or “business” as the subject!!

Flo’s achievement is pretty impressive wouldn’t you say? I mean it’s not every day you can launch and print your own magazine! A big thank you to Flo for sharing her journey (and a little bit of her invaluable time) with me and this Women In Business series. I do hope she has inspired you to think creatively and aim big….

Are there any Love From… readers or subscribers reading this? It would be great if you could share your thoughts and feedback for any other readers thinking of signing up for a copy!

Jessica KG


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