Women In Business: Joanne Pinkney of Pinx Creative

In the competitive world of business it is extremely difficult to know where to position and promote yourself, how to develop and maintain a strong brand but most importantly how to market it. That challenge is then multiplied by the combination of traditional and contemporary marketing techniques available and vast amount of social media channels, which often just get lost in translation. So how do you know what is going to be effective and where do you actually start?

Thankfully, this weeks Women In Business interviewee Joanne Pinkney offers a glimmer of hope to all businesses struggling with the above. Joanne has recently set up Pinx Creative, a business which is founded upon offering #standout simple and effective marketing and communication solutions…. Hurrah!

Jo Pinx

So Joanne, what inspired you to set up Pinx Creative?

I worked as a Marketing Director in a large PLC for 3 years, and had been there in various marketing roles for over 14 years. I was fortunate enough to have lead a global team, and been responsible for a number of large change projects, many of which were focused on integrating digital practices and how this impacted communications across the board.

I began to realise that whilst there was a huge shift to marketing using online methods, many businesses didn’t know how to integrate those approached with traditional methods, and in a lot of cases, they started to forget using them at all. Pinx Creatives’ ethos is to help businesses ensure they have both working together effectively, as well as offering a more flexible and affordable model to accessing marketing resource. Our home at C4Di plays a huge part in this given its technology innovation ethos.

For those readers unfamiliar with Pinx Creative what would you say are the core foundations of your business?

The core foundations of Pinx Creative are helping businesses of all sizes to #standout using a blend of online and traditional marketing techniques. In the main we provide support with marketing and branding, with a strong focus also on the management of events and providing important events logistics services. Across the marketing and communications spectrum, there is nothing we cant help with. We believe a brand sits at the heart of the strategy of any business, and companies of all sizes should focus on this.

And what sort of services do you offer?

One of my strongest points is my experience, and the advice I can offer to businesses. The best example of my work is to go into a business, assess where they are at and make recommendations on how they move forward to achieve their objectives.

My recommendations usually involve a range of marketing activities from planning, to events, right down to a traditional mailshot and business cards. My advice to each business is completely unique. I love helping with branding, and it is something that can be an asset to any business, as well as a place for them to start with developing their strategy.

I always advise any start-up businesses to firstly develop their brand as that helps them to identify the objectives of their business and their core purpose. This helps to drive their look and feel and their overall marketing strategy. I offer a free one-hour consultation to any business who wants help and we find this extremely popular. I provide a no-obligation ‘Pick and Mix’ proposal for them to consider afterwards which can often act as a plan of action for them using a variety of (affordable) delivery models.

Do you offer any services which may help Bloggers?

I absolutely love to blog and I publish them on my site regularly. I like to inform and educate with my blogs. I would be more than happy to help fellow bloggers understand the beauty of blogging from an SEO perspective and I also offer support with copywriting services or editing/proofing.

What makes Pinx Creative different to its competitors?

From my perspective there are two things.

Firstly, we bring together expertise in both traditional and digital marketing. In my career I found that potential marketing recruits, had a tendency to strongly sit into a traditional or digital camp.  Finding people with both skill sets was a challenge.

Secondly, we offer a completely different model of delivering our resources. We offer virtual Marketing services where we can change businesses an affordable day, hour or even monthly option to support them with their needs, that they can drop in and out to fit with their own business model.

What have been your biggest struggles since launching?

My biggest challenge has been disciplining myself with my time. Often I start the day with an objective to complete something and end up somewhere completely different simply through excitement and exploration. I now try and plan my week on a Sunday and have some structure and rigor so I complete what I set out. Its hard to focus when you’re starting out as you want to have a go at everything, but its best to prioritise.

And on the flip side, what have been your most memorable achievements so far? 

I was really proud to recently be featured in the Hull Daily Mail business pages ‘Starting Out’ section. I am also completely in love with my brand as it entirely reflects me and my overall purpose. I really enjoy helping businesses to create new brands and have been involved in two so far and the end result offers such a sense of achievement and I feel a little like they are all my children as they born with personality and emotion (read my blogs to find out more)

What are your goals for Pinx Creative over the next few years?

Ultimately, I would like Pinx to punch at the weight of some of the other brilliant agencies in Hull and we aim to grow. I am passionate about educating young people and plan to employ apprentices, as well as set-up a training arm of Pinx Creative which will offer individuals, businesses and schools the chance to learn about areas such as web development and social media to help them run their own businesses.

Many Jessica KG readers are young, creative and ambitious women. If you had one message you could personally pass on to them what would it be?

Don’t leave it too late! At 37, I wish I had taken the plunge earlier. Working for yourself takes guts, but there is a lot of support out there from organisations such as C4Di as well as your friends and family who will be there to support you. Its definitely not easy, and takes strength and grit, but if you believe in what you do, you’ll be the best. Good luck and go girls!

And finally… Where can readers get in touch with Pinx Creative?

We can be contacted at any time by emailing info@pinxcreative.co.uk or tweet us @pinxcreative. <a href=”http://pinxcreative.co.uk/” rel=”nofollow”>Pinx Creative</a> would be more than happy to mentor Jessica KG readers on marketing, branding or business set-up.


As someone who is always keen to hear how I can better market myself and engage with readers I could always do with a tip or two and certainly tend to have a chat with Jo at some point in 2016. Not only is Jo a fellow Hull lady, she is woman after my own heart – embracing pink branding and proving that us girls really do do it better….

Jessica KG ♡

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