Women In Business: Liz of Betty Lou Salon

I am really excited to be featuring on trend salon Betty Lou in my Women In Business series this week, I mean who wouldn’t want to hear Liz’s Oliver Twist story? Setting up her business with nothing but a dream and £100 Liz has gone on to prove that if you have heart, drive and ambition you can really make a success of your goals, no matter how niche they may seem.

Just because the market caters for the majority doesn’t mean there isn’t a gap, and Liz spotted just that. She opened Betty Lou in the hope of creating bold and beautiful hairstyles for her clients. Sure you can have the latest Cheryl Cole on the high street, but what do you do when you want to break the mould and be unique? You go to Betty Lou….

What inspired you to open the Betty Lou salon?

I never found a salon that I could work in that allowed me to carry out the type of work I wanted to do so I wanted to create a salon which attracted clients who have an interest in Vintage and advanced colouring, which have always been two passions of mine.

For those readers unfamiliar with the Betty Lou salon how would you describe your salon and the styles you create?

We offer every style which has been around from the 1920 all the way up to modern day cuts and colours. We believe that having experience in offering nearly 100 years worth of styles makes you a better hairdresser with a wider skill set which not only allows us to recreate older styles but also to use these skills to create modern styles which push the boundaries of modern hairdressing.

How can readers book an appointment with you?

You can either call the salon 01273 911419 or use our online booking system on our website

How has Betty Lou grown since you first started the business with £100?

We have moved premises and now operate over 2 floors, our team has grown from just myself to a team of 6, also we now offer tattoos as well as hair, which makes us even more unique!

What have been your biggest struggles since opening Betty Lou?

Never having a huge budget has meant we have had to improve the salon slowly, I like to continually reinvest in order to provide our customers with the highest end products and colour, as well as buying in new equipment and creating a relaxing and luxurious environment filled with lots of beautiful vintage goodies!

And on the flip side, what have been your most memorable achievements since opening?

When we had our 2nd anniversary party, everyone who turned up (over 100 people) sang happy birthday to the shop, it was that point that I realised we had created something really special, everyone sees it as more than just a salon, it’s a home from home, somewhere people can come feeling a bit rubbish, under the weather or even stressed and forget their worries, leave feeling refreshed relaxed and like you have just spent an afternoon amongst friends.

Which of the styles you have created have been your personal favourites?

I love every bridal style I do, its so personally to the bride and I am so proud to create the perfect style for them and be part of their special day. I am also extremely proud of my new candy balayage (which you can check out on our Instagram) I love using modern new fashion colours and new techniques to create styles unseen before.

What makes the Betty Lou salon so different from other salons?

A combination of things: we are brining back the social aspect of hair salons, popping in for a cuppa when your passing, knowing our clients well and enjoying catching up when they come for there next cut and colour. The atmosphere is inviting and relaxing, no more feeling nervous or apprehensive about being in the chair, we also pride ourselves on welcoming any age or style of person into our salon, vintage or otherwise, everyone is welcome. But most importantly at the same time offering the highest level of service whilst using amazing high end products and at affordable prices.

What are your goals for Betty Lou over the next few years?

Looks of exciting things in the pipe line for the next few years, but its all top secret ; )

If you had one message you could personally pass on to Jessica KG readers what would it be?

If you have a dream, go for it! You can achieve anything, even on a budget!

Whilst Liz’s ethos may well have been a unique and limited concept initially, she has
developed her niche and made it a huge success. You literally cannot go anywhere without seeing girls sport the latest lilac or pink hair like an anime character! (Sadly my skin tone does not allow for such fun, but oh how I do admire those with such FAB hair.)11821323_929225080468407_793355830_n

So it really does go to show, that yes your idea may not be what everyone wants. Yes you may be out on a limb. But just go with it. If it’s what you love and what you believe in, it’ll work.

Success is about guts, belief and drive. All of which Liz has proved, so thank you for being featured Liz.

A bit of individuality goes a long way ; )

Jessica KG


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