Women in Business: Rock on Ruby

I was really excited to launch my Women in Business blog series a few weeks back and it seems that you guys have been equally as excited about reading it!

Many of the bloggers and people I generally follow on Twitter are female so it has been fantastic to be able to create such a buzz around the achievements and successes of other women.

Every Wednesday I have vowed to bring you all manor of wonderful women from the big bad world of business who will each share their start up struggles, stock and successes with you and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own future goals.

This week I am really excited to bring you the gorgeous team of girls that are behind  edgy fashion brand Rock on Ruby….

What inspired you to create Rock on Ruby?

We’re a family business and had been printing Tshirts for a few years, but mainly for Hen Parties and groups etc. We wanted to expand the business and decided to setup a more fashion led range – we’re all girls in our office and very into clothes! Inspired by our office mascot (Ruby the toy poodle!) Rock On Ruby was born! Ruby is a tiny dog with a big personality, and we wanted this to show in our bold slogans!

For those readers unfamiliar with Rock on Ruby, what would you say are the core foundations of your brand?

Individuality and style!
We create and print all the items ourselves, so we have a range of ready to go tops and accessories. But we also allow customers to add their own slogans to tops!

How has Rock on Ruby grown since you first started the business?

ROR has been running for about 18 months now. We started off with just ladies Tshirts, but this has grown into a range of items that includes Gym wear, sweaters, vests, crop tops, unisex tops, make up bags, totes and even pillow cases!! And lots more to come too…

What have been your biggest struggles since launching Rock on Ruby?

Getting our name out there! When people find us, they love our stuff, so we just need people discover ROR as a company. Social media has been brilliant for this.

And on the flip side, what have been your most memorable achievements since launching Rock on Ruby?

Hosting our first blogger party last year was scary but so much fun! We got to meet some great girls, showcase our products – and enjoy a few tasty cocktails along the way! It’s also amazing seeing our tops on well known bloggers like, Victoria from In the Frow, Sarah Ashcroft, plus celebs like Max George from the Wanted (and a couple of other collabs in the pipeline too…)

Which products are your personal favourites from the Rock on Ruby range? 

Our new collection with designer Dom and Ink is SO cool!! Dom has such a unique style, all the text and illustrations are hand drawn. I have pretty much the whole range in my wardrobe and have worn the Dinosaur Sweater to death!

What makes Rock on Ruby so different from any other similar product/s on the market?

Our products are high quality, affordable and totally unique! We like to create items that are on trend and relatable. You’ll want to tag your BFF on Instagram and say “you NEED this!”

Where can readers see and buy your range?

Shop: rockonrubyclothing.com
Instagram: @rockonrubyxx
Twitter: @rockonrubyxx
Facebook: rockonruby

What are your goals for Rock on Ruby over the next few years?

Keep doing what we’re doing – onwards and upwards! We’ll be adding new products to our site and constantly updating our range to be on trend.

If you had one message you could personally pass on to Jessica KG readers what would it be?

If you’re thinking of setting up your own business, just do it! Start small, get a loyal following and be true to your brand.

AMEN to that girls….. It is so hard to not get tempted to do with what everyone else is doing, especially in the blogging world. Staying true to your brand and beliefs is something I feel very strongly about and couldn’t agree with you ROR girls any more on. Thank you so much for being featured and sharing your story with us. I personally CANNOT wait for my ROR order to arrive….

Blog post and review is of course to follow ; )


Anyone else sporting ROR yet?

Jessica KG x

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  1. 22nd September 2015 / 1:10 pm

    this is so cool! I love this series <3 looking forward to the next one 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    • 22nd September 2015 / 1:54 pm

      Glad you love the series! There’s a new post up every week so keep an eye out for the next inspiring lady… Jessica KG x

    • 22nd September 2015 / 5:03 pm

      You’re more than welcome! Thank you for sharing your story with Jessica KG readers. Jessica Kg xx

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