Women In Business: Ruby Chan of Tea Time

The internet is literally rife with subscription tea services at the moment, each vowing to make us thinner and detoxified – until 9 months later when they’ve caused your contraception to fail and you’ve suddenly got a new spoon of sugar you didn’t expect…

So if you are really wanting a health conscious,completely safe and detox  tea then you need look no further. Tea Time’s range is caffeine, gluten, chemical and sugar-free and comes directly from the lovely Ruby Chan,  this weeks Women in Business feature.

Bored of conventional caffeine and the dramas of loose leaf, Ruby decided that for her health and the sanity of those around her she’d practice her botanical skills and create her own tea blends…..

What inspired you to create TeaTime Ruby?

The idea came about in the office when I noticed how often my colleagues would grab a tea or coffee during the working day. Caffeine consumption was not just limited to the mornings but lunch, afternoon and sometimes the evenings too! Bringing up this topic with a few of the others, they complained about the level of their daily caffeine intake and said that they wished there was a healthier alternative.

Being a bit of a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, I began blending and preparing lots of little tea parcels and delivered them to their desks with mini brewing guides explaining what was inside each concoction and potential health benefits of each brew. They absolutely loved it and it was then that I realised this could be a viable business.

For those readers unfamiliar with TeaTime what would you say are the core foundations of your brand?

First and foremost, we believe in goodness. All of our brews are created with specific health benefits in mind. We also believe in nature and its power. We use a variety of pure herbs, flowers and fruit to create exotic blends that taste just as good as they look. No chemicals, no perfumes. Finally, it’s all about excellence. A typical teabag that you may find in the supermarket is usually filled up with powdered left over tea-stalks. Our wholesome teas come from full leaves and buds that give a rounded and smooth flavour.

How has TeaTime grown since you first started the business?

It’s only been a month since we’ve officially launched but in that short space of time, we’ve been receiving fantastic feedback from our followers base which is growing in size day by day. We are also due to feature as Virgin’s Start Up of the week- exciting times!

What have been your biggest struggles since launching?

As with most new businesses, it’s always about spreading the word. We know and believe we have something fantastic- we just want others to know about it! Social media and word of mouth have been crucial to us in the early stages.

And on the flip side, what have been your most memorable achievements?

At the end of August, we participated in the Free From Food Festival over in Brick Lane which is a festival dedicated to people with gluten free and sugar free diets. With us being caffeine-free, chemical-free and sugar-free, it was the perfect platform for us to gauge the response to our products. One of the best feelings has got to be seeing people really get into what we’re all about, trying and loving our teas then stocking up for themselves and friends. There is nothing more affirming than hearing feedback first hand- especially if it’s positive!

Which products are your personal favourites from the TeaTime range?  

My two favourite blends also happen to be the most popular ones with our drinkers!

The Lemune Superboost blend has been created to give your immune system a much needed boost  (particularly with the colder months fast approaching). The soft zing of lemongrass, highlighted by the sweetness of the goji berries and rounded off with the smoothness of silver needle green tea makes it a perfect pick-me-up for any time of the day.


Four Beautea is a firm favourite of ladies (and men!) who are looking to achieve beautiful, glowing skin. A blend of whole rose buds, fragrant chrysanthemums, tiny but powerful golden osmanthus flowers and jasmine flowers, it’s been a trusty firm favourite in my family for years.

What makes TeaTime so different from any other similar product/s on the market?

We are so proud of the fact that we are entirely natural and truly wholesome in every sense of the word. We aren’t pre-packaged tea bags, yet we aren’t confusing loose teas either. We are ready-blended, ready to drink whole leaf and bud herbal blends. Free from chemicals and low (or in some cases, entirely  free) from caffeine.

Our subscription service allows you to have the benefit of trying new teas each week or fortnight, delivered to your home or office, without having to fork out on whole boxes of exotic teas which may end up sat in the back of your kitchen cupboard! At £4.50 per box for over 10 cups, it is perfect for both beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Where can readers see and buy your range?

myteatime.co.uk is packed with information about our blends and how to subscribe. For Jessica KG readers, we have created an exclusive promotion code JESSICAKG which you can enter at the checkout to receive an extra special blend with your first order.

What are your goals for TeaTime over the next few years?

We aim to grow TeaTime in the UK primarily through our online subscription channel but also through corporate offerings later on. So you may be seeing us in your office kitchen or canteen!

If you had one message you could personally pass on to Jessica KG readers what would it be?

Once you know what your passion is, don’t be afraid to follow it. Life is about making your own opportunities and with that comes risk.


I am literally LOVING the final quotes coming from all of my lovely #WomenInBusiness ladies and Ruby is no exception. At the end of the day you are in charge of your own destiny and you have to take a few chances in the hope that even if just one comes off, you’ll get that satisfying sense of achievement.

My sense of achievement definitely comes when I sit back each week and read the interviews of the ladies I have featured in this series. If ever I start to feel lost or question why us bloggers, students, entrepreneurs etc. do what we do, I look back over what these ladies have achieved and suddenly  feel inspired all over again.

One thing this series has taught me is – you can literally do anything if you want it badly enough.

Anyone else got any cheesy deep and meaningful lines they want to bounce of me whilst I am in full flow?

Jessica KG

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  1. 28th October 2015 / 7:52 am

    Ah loved this! I’m trying my tea time subscription box at the moment and the product is great. I hope to see the business’ continued growth in the future!

    • 28th October 2015 / 7:55 am

      It’s great isn’t it? I can’t wait to release my review of the range I’ve tried. Such a personal touch to a daily essential! Jessica KG xx

    • 3rd November 2015 / 1:04 pm

      I’m so glad you loved the post and have ordered some tea. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Jessica KG xx

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